What about X Factor Niall?

A story about a girl and Niall Horan before he began to be famous. We're in 2010. Niall haven't thought to go to X Factor. But something happened, and changed the girl and Niall's life.


6. A good end

Niall have tried to call me while I was sleeping. I haven't heard it, but I'll not call him right now. I'll text to him, that I come to him about 5 minutes. He replied with "OK" and now, I should hurry me.

I ran the last of the road. Now I was front Niall house. He have already opened the door. Maybe he have good news. I hope so. But I wouldn't start up with this. It would look like, everything must be for me. "Hey Niall" I said and smiled to him, "hey my love. How are you?" Niall asked and smiled back "I'm fine, what about you?" I asked back, and began to go to his room. "I'm fine too." he answered and followed me. His guitar was on the bed, I think he threw the guitar and waiting for me, well. I sat me, as usual, on the bed. He sat beside me. I couldn't wait anymore. "Eh.. What about X Factor Niall?" I said and looked at him. "I thought about it.. but do you think it's a good idea?" he said unsure. "I'm sure Niall! It's a good idea! You can show everyone in UK your voice Niall!" I smiled to him, and hoped that, he could see, his voice is nice. He rocked on his shoulders."I said it for some weeks ago, your voice is a gift.. It mustn't go to waste." I said the last too quiet. Now he looked at me. "Maybe you're right.." he said quiet too. "So what do you say?" I looked deep in his blue eyes, and hoped so much, that he would say yes. "Okay.. I'll do it!" he said confidently. "GREAT!" I said highly, because I was so happy for this. Now he'll sign up to X Factor, and it'll be great. I know he'll be fantastic on the scene. "Soo.. What will you sing?" I asked Niall. "So Sick, I think. I love this song." he answered. "I love this song too! Oh, it's a great song choices." I said. I was so happy right now. Who knows my Niall, there was so shy that he couldn't do anything, to confident and could do ANYTHING. I'm so proud. Now I'll stay in the sideline, and cheer at him.. Like my dream for some weeks late. But I can't believe it'll be real.

"So.. Can we working on this song? You know.. So I'm ready there?" he said and smiled to me. "Sure! Let's go!" I said.


I sat in the car with Niall next for me. There's going 3 weeks ago, for the time, when he signed up to X Factor, and now we're on the way to X Factor audition. His father was running us in to the X Factor station or what to say. His father, me and some others from his family would be there. I was so happy. But not so much. I mean.. I'm happy for Niall, but this day.. I would take Ida with me. But the friendship is broken, and I'll think she never will forgive me anyway. But I'll not think about my problems. Now I'll see Niall. Niall's day must be great. This is what I want.

"Oh, there's so long time to I must go in there. We must sitting here, and this is boring." Niall said, and sounded that, he had it so hard. "It'll go Niall." I said. "No, I'm so nervous." Niall said. I could see he was nervous. His legs shook. "That's why your legs shaking." I said, and smiled a little. "No, I haven't eat something in one hours. You know what it does to me. I'm hungry!" Niall said. I laugh. That's right. If Niall haven't eat something in 1 hours, he become hungry. He eat everytime.. And he's still thin. "Well, it'll go well for you, I swear!" I said. Niall smiled to me. "I want to go outside a little bit. I want to get some fresh air." I said and smiled. "Okay!" everyone from Niall's family said to me. Then I went outside the door, and took some fresh air. It'll say, I was going a little trip for myself.

Or.. that was what I think. I heard someone running behind me, so I stopped, and turned around for seeing. It was Ida. She was stopped over for me, and now we looked in each other's eyes. "What?" I said a little bit angrily, but I was happy for seeing her too. "I'm coming for say, I'm sorry." she said. I just looked at her and raised my one eyebrow. Then she continued "Look, I don't think you'll forgive me, but I'm so sorry for this for some weeks ago. I'm sorry, that I haven't contacted you before today. I miss you! You're my bestfriend. I'll never find a girl like you. You're..." This is sweet words, but she can keep on to talk, so I'll stop her. "Okay stop Ida!" I said. "But I'm so unhappy!" she said, and it sounded like she would cry. "Of course I'll forgive you, but.." I began but she interrupted me, "Oh, I'm so happy for this!" It's a little bit annoying that, she will not let me talk done. "Please, let me talk done. I just want to know... Why you was like this? Why you flip out?" I asked, then I began to go back to the X Factor. Niall must go on about 2 hours and it'll take at least 1 hour to go back. Ida followed me, "Hm, maybe I was a little jealous. Niall is a really cute guy, and he'll never do something evil for you or anyone else. When I'm jealous, I flip out and say a lot of stupid things. But I swear, the jealousy will stop right now!" she said. "So you aren't angry, because me and Niall is together?" I asked, I have so many question. "No, of course no. I'm happy for you and Niall." she answered. Then I turned around and smiled. "Thank you." I said.

Niall started to be angry on Ida, and said something with "Go out" but, I said it's okay, so Niall accepted her. So now we sitting and waited. Me and Niall next for each other, his family around us, and Ida sat across from me. Today is the world happiest day in my life. Niall must go to the scene soon, me and Ida is good friends again. Everything is great today!

I could feel the nerves. Niall must go in to the scene now. And I'm so nervous. But, it's a cool feeling.

Now, my shy guy go in to the scene, the light is lit from the scene. He isn't shy anymore. He's a confident guy. Soon he'll come out and yell "I'M IN!" and we all hug each other. 

The door closed, there he was. He was like a angel who have just learned to fly, and now the little angel should out of the wide world, and see what happens, when it could fly the world throughout with its new wings. New impression. New vision on the world. It's the same with Niall.. Just with the music. Now he began to sing..

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