The Boy of My Dreams

It's about this girl that is unloved with a band one direction she is finally going to one of their concerts,, but the day before the concert something happends that will change her life.


2. Sweet Dreams

Later that night Zayn's phone got a text that said,"hey this is Zayn I'm just trying to find my phone text me back," you were so happy you didn't know what to say you finally texted back saying,"hey I found ur phone on the floor after we ran into each other at the mall, just tell me where to meet you to give it back." You get a text back saying,"hey (y/n) how r u doing glad ur the one that has my phone" you reply,"I'm good n ya I tried to give it back to u but u had already left" Zayn texted you saying,"good thing i left so tht I have an excuse to see u again." You text him back saying,"Well got to go text me the place to give u the phone back,goodnight," Zayn says"Goodnite love, sweet dream I'll text u the place tomorrow morning"
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