The Boy of My Dreams

It's about this girl that is unloved with a band one direction she is finally going to one of their concerts,, but the day before the concert something happends that will change her life.


3. Giving Things Back

You wake up the next morning and get ready your so excited, because your going to a one direction concert. Your on the way to your friends house to meet them when u get a text from Zayn. "Can u go to nando's here in like 5 min" he asked, "ya sure I'll be there soon" you replied. You get there and walk in you see Zayn so you sit down, you keep looking at the time when all of a sudden u hear a voice say,"hey (y/n) waiting for someone," zayn says behind you, "ya actually this really cute guys is supposed to meet me" you say. "Oh really I think he just got here" says Zayn. After you take out his phone and give it to him,"Thanks, you want to sit and eat something," he says, "ya sure" you say."So wat r u doing today?" Zayn asked, "well I'm going to ur concert tonight with some friends" you say,"great I hope u have fun, where will you be sitting?"he asked, "front row in the middle" you say."Well got to go get ready for tonight bye" he says, "alright see you tonight bye." 
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