The Boy of My Dreams

It's about this girl that is unloved with a band one direction she is finally going to one of their concerts,, but the day before the concert something happends that will change her life.


1. Shopping with friends

Your so excited because you are finally going to a one direction concert with some of your friends in Bradford. You are so happy cuz u heard one direction had already arrived in Bradford. The day before the concert you and ur friends go out to find something to wear. You leave your friends to go get something to drink, you were in such a hurry u ran into someone, as you get up from falling and pick up all your things you hear a voice say,"I'm sorry love are you ok" u look up and it's Zayn Malik from one direction. Your speechless but say,"ya I'm ok thank you, nice to meet you I'm (y/n),"Hi I'm Zayn," he says he couldn't say anything else cuz security pulled him away. As ur walking away you see his phone on the floor, you try to give it to him but, it was to late he was gone.
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