Spy High - Time

Sarah Penelope Yagani is top spy at her school. At the dead of night she is awoken for her latest mission - the secret of time.

This is the first book in the spy high series


3. Time can be re-written

As Sarah & Anna entered a large hall, a man wearing a lab-coat. Sarah recognised him: Tom Laginfine, the Inventional Master. He showed them to a doorway covered in paper blobs. In the centre, a large solar panel. Tom put his hand on it & the door instantly opened. He beckond Sarah to follow him through the doorway. As she did so, the door closed, dividing them from Anna. "Right, what's my assignment this time?" she said to Tom, rubbing her hands eagerly. He put what looked like a video tape, into a hole in the wall. On the wall was a moving picture of the General. He suddenly started talking. "Agent Y, you have been chosen to participate in this mission. What your about to hear is top secret. At Millison's Acadamy for the Musically Gifted, on 5th June 2053, the fire alarm will go off & the school will be evacuated. This may sound like we're wasting our time, but while everyone is outside, the headmaster's personal set of diamonds will be stolen & the culprit will not be caught. You need to find out who stole the diamonds & stop them. At the moment Tom is taking you to the right timeline in his personal time machine. Good luck." I nodded to these instructions. To many, this would be an exciting, one-in-a-lifetime oppitunity, but for me it's just my everyday life.

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