Spy High - Time

Sarah Penelope Yagani is top spy at her school. At the dead of night she is awoken for her latest mission - the secret of time.

This is the first book in the spy high series


2. The unforgetful dream

Sarah woke up, her face covered in sweat. She looked around her, almost expecting something to be out of place. Nothing was. Twelve other girls were sleeping peacefully either side of her, the army running around outside. Then she looked at the mirror directly in front of her. She saw it. The one thing she'd been expecting to see. Out of the corner of her eye Sarah saw a shadowy figure. "Hello Anna," she said calmly.

The figure came forward into the light to show a tall, elegant woman in her mid 20s, wearing a twilight blue cloak dotted with all the stars of the sky & a midnight alice band. "Sarah," she said in her 'formal' voice, "I knew you'd be awake. I have a new assignment for you. Come."

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