Trinne has lived in Grok her whole life. She has never known anything other than Fa's business, making 'dragon-wear'. But Trinne knows it is time to leave. She can feel war coming, and has a sneaking suspicion it is from neighbouring region Agron. The only way that Grok has a chance of winning this war is by getting help from another world, a world that is only spoken of in hushed whispers, for to get to this world Trinne must cross Gap. Something no-one has done before. When Fa won't listen to her, she realises that she must run away. And so on the night of the full moon, she does.
- I am entering this into the Other Worlds fantasy competiton so likes and faves will be appreciated more than ever. Comments too, of course. I heart feedback. And don't forget to mention any movellas of yours you want me to check out! -


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I stand at the barbed wire fence, my fingers entwined in the rusty metal, scabby and blistered. I stare at what lies beyond it, the grey clouds fade away. Less than 50 metres away from me the sky engulfs everything with a bright blinding light. Surely what the Elders say is not true. Surely Gap is more than a burning hell hole. Surely there is more to it. Surely.

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