Living in a dream

This is for the One Direction competion. Hope you like it...

Charlotte never had any goals in life. She thought she would just end up working in McDonalds or KFC. Until One direction came to town.
Writing a letter to Niall Horan her life gets flipped up side down. She is living the dream of millions of girls. She shares her life with her bffl Bex. This is a dream...


8. The beach...

The next morning I ring Bex to tell her the news. I now have to get grommets put back into my ears. I get dressed. Shorts, flip flops a MTV top and a pair of sun glasses. I look horrid. I wounder how Bex looks. Probably perfect from tip to toe. I can't wait for Bex to meet him because I know how I felt with Niall...I woundeer of her and Zane get together. It would be nice to see.
It's 12:45 and Bex arrives at my door with biggest grin on the planet on her face. She leaps into me arms and squishes me. As I thought she looks like Tyra Banks. Perfect. She makes me look like a hobo. "How do I look?" She asks.
"Great!" I say. She is wearing a light pink top shop dress with toms and a scarf and everything! She looks to nice. Needless to say she does look beautiful. "I have something to tell you Bex."
"Your pregnante! At 15? Great!"
"NO!" I reply.
"Then what?"
"I am dating Niall..."
"What? Niall Morgan?"
"No...Niall Horan." She looks at me. She is still looking at me. And then started to smile.
"Shut up!"
"I am serious!"
"Oh my lord!"
"I know...I know I can't believe it either..." We hear a beep out side and we both run to the door and fight for the handle. I win. And there i see a limo. Niall. Harry. Liam. Zayn and Louis. This is going to be a fab day!
In the limo Bex is sat next to Harry and Zayn and I am next to Niall. I wounder if Niall has told the others about us. I suppose they would of said something so I guess not. Bex's is sat quietly just staing at the flour, I tried to get her to talk but she must be nervous. That won't last long.
All the lads seem really nice, just how I knew they where I can't wait to get to know them better! We arrive at a deserted beach in the middle of nowhere I had ever seen before. It took me a while before I realised it was the beach where What makes you beautiful was filmed.mi really did feel special. Niall took my hand and we ran down to the sea and took our shoes off and began splashing each other. Bex was with Zayn and Harry sitting on the sand and Louis was getting things out the car. I don't think I have ever felt more happy than how I am now. After a while in the water me and Niall begin to sing for the boys and they all think I am something special. I don't think i am special I just think I was lucky. We all sit together and talk before I know it Bex and Zayn have gone of on a walk together. Things fell weirded but a good weird.
Harry starts to talk about there next tour in 2013 and says I should do a song with Niall. Everyone agrees. So who am I to complain? Today is perfect and I will never forget it!

I will never forget my summer with one direction...
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