Living in a dream

This is for the One Direction competion. Hope you like it...

Charlotte never had any goals in life. She thought she would just end up working in McDonalds or KFC. Until One direction came to town.
Writing a letter to Niall Horan her life gets flipped up side down. She is living the dream of millions of girls. She shares her life with her bffl Bex. This is a dream...


3. Speechless

One week has gone by since I met them. It feels like a bizillion years. I wounded if Niall had read my letter yet? Maybe he is too busy and has put it into the bin? I can't see him doing that...oh I don't know. I need to stop worrying about it! "Charlotte!!" Victoria's loud god made me jump and spill my juice everywhere, I answer back with a snap of frustration "what!" I replied.
"That one direction interview is on..."
"Oh yeah!" I run into the living room and jump on to the sofa and watch Niall and the boys. I have always thought Niall looked best on telle but today he look gorgeous. With his brown pants on, screen converse and a Beatles top he was just beautiful. Niall was the first to speak...
"So, Niall how do you cope with all the fans?"
"I don't see it as how to cope with them I see it as how to make them all happy..." Aww Niall is just so cute!
"Aww! Have you ever met a fan that has made your year?"
"Yes, I have. It was about a week ago, and we where signing books in London,mad this beautiful girl came up to me and handed me a letter. And she said please can you read this.mSo when I got home I did and it made me cry." Oh my god! Is Niall on about me? Please let it be about me!
"That's nice! What was the girls name? She might be watching?"
"Charlotte Johnson." That was it. I think I am going to faint. Niall Horan just said my name on national television. He just said my name . At that point the post came in.
"I will get that, you sit down." Victoria went to the doors and came back in with one letter. She handed it to me..."it's for you..."
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