Living in a dream

This is for the One Direction competion. Hope you like it...

Charlotte never had any goals in life. She thought she would just end up working in McDonalds or KFC. Until One direction came to town.
Writing a letter to Niall Horan her life gets flipped up side down. She is living the dream of millions of girls. She shares her life with her bffl Bex. This is a dream...


7. My new life

I look at him, confused, dazed and happy. He goes to speak but I cut him off. "What...em?"
"I don't know...When I saw you for the first time I thought of you like any other fan beautiful, caring and mad. But when I got home and read your letter I realised we had some much in common. And I wanted to get to know you more and now I think I'm...I'm in lo-."
"Niall! You just might be confused!"
"I'm not! You make me happy and your beautiful and can sing. Your perfect!" I don't understand how he could even like me.
"But I am nothing Niall."
"Dont say stuff like that! You are everything!" I push Niall's head down to my level and kiss him. It must of been a moment of madness. But I felt butterfly's and things I had never ever felt before. I think I love him to...
Niall walks me home. It was the most horrible walk home I have ever had. Everywhere we went girls, cameras, press, cameras, tears, girls, girls...and more girls. I don't realise that sharing Niall with the rest of the world would be this difficult. We arrive at my door. Finally. "I'm so sorry about that. I have to do it for the band..."
"It's fine I get it haha!"
"Your perfect." I shake my head. Niall nods his and pulls me close to him. Just as he did so mum walked out. "Hi Charlotte..."
"Hi mom..."
"Who is this then?"
"From One Directives?"
"Yes mom..."
"Oh well don't take to London there is a draft..." she walks in.
"Sorry about that!"
"No problem! Do you wanna go to the beach tomorrow with the lads?"
"What? The rest of them?"
"Yeah sure! Can Bex come?"
"A mate?"
"Yeah, she loves Zane and well this way I wont have to give her birthday presents for a long time haha"
"Yeah that's no problem! I will pick use up at 1?"
"Yeah ok" I smile at him and then we kiss. Just as Niall walks away a limo comes to pick him up.
When I get inside it hits me. I am dating Niall Horan.
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