Living in a dream

This is for the One Direction competion. Hope you like it...

Charlotte never had any goals in life. She thought she would just end up working in McDonalds or KFC. Until One direction came to town.
Writing a letter to Niall Horan her life gets flipped up side down. She is living the dream of millions of girls. She shares her life with her bffl Bex. This is a dream...


6. Best day of my life!

It was the morning of my dreams. The 25th of July. I will never forget this day for as long as I live! I set of for the studio. The walk seems long and endless and painful. London was just waking up as I was to. I picked me and Niall up a McDonalds breakfast and headed to the studio.
I arrive. Heart pounding. It just won't stop. A man holds the door open for me so I walk slowly up the steps and arrive at the door. I walk into the lobby. Boom. Boom. Boom goes my heart. I stand there for a while not knowing what to do. I hear footsteps. Loud footsteps coming down the stairs. I stand there looking like an idiot. I turn around to admire a few of the London photos. One was Big Ben the had been drawn ever so neatly. And then a photo of the London Eye at night time. Just as I was about to break into my tea I felt a tap on my shoulder, I expect it will be someone to shooe my off. I turn around to see it was Niall. For some reason the heavy beating of my heart stopped. "Hey, Char!" he said smiling at me.
"Hi Niall..."
I feel I'll speaking to him. It's like I shouldn't be and this whole thing was a weirded dream. I had to ask the question I was dying to know.
"Did I really make you cry?"
"Yes and Im not afraid to admit it."
"Sorry I didn't mean to make you cry I just wanted you to know how much you have changed me."
"And I wanted to let you know how much you have changed me!" He held out his perfect hand. I placed mine neatly into his. His hand is soft and perfect. "Follow me..." he says dragging me off up stairs. I don't know what awaits me...
When we finally stop running up the stairs Niall leads me into a room. My heart begins to pound again. This is the dream of so many girls, Niall must get thousands of letters everyday and out of all those heartfelt letters...he picked me. I don't get it. In the room there is a massive recording set with millions of buttons and switches and in front of it was a think sheet of glass and in the glass room are microphones, beats and guitars. I turn around and look at Niall. "Out of every fan you have...why me?" I ask.
"Because I felt what you where saying. I felt your need to sing."
"From words on a sheet of paper?" I ask giving him a thin smile.
"Yes." He replies. "I want to see how good you are."
"Not as good as you." He laughs. Niall opens a door that leads into the glass room. He holds it open for me and points me into the room. I fall his finger into the room and head towards the microphone and beats. Niall sits on a chair behind the recording set and presses a button and suddenly I can hear Niall's beautiful voice talking to me. "Put the headphones on and sing!" he yells. I do as he says. The music in the head phones was "One Thing" I looked at Niall and we both laugh because on my letter I mentioned One Thing was my favourite song because Niall had a long part. And now knowing that I said that to him, I feel so embarrassed. I hear the guitars at the start and then I hear Liam's voice come on and I can't help but sing along. I don't look at Niall I just close my eyes and let the music take me away with it. When the song stops Niall comes running in and grabs me. "What? How?"
"Was I ok?"
"You are a beautiful singer!" he says jumping around. "Your just amazing Charlotte!" Niall goes out the room and presses record. He runs back in grabs his guitar and puts his beats on at first I didn't know if he wanted me to join in to moments, but I do anyway. As I sang with my idol. Only one thing crossed my mind. What if I'm sleeping. What if this was all just a beautiful, beautiful dream? But it was very, very real. After the song Niall takes of his guitar and walks over to me and gives me a hug. I look at him. He looks at me. We move close. He kisses me.
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