Living in a dream

This is for the One Direction competion. Hope you like it...

Charlotte never had any goals in life. She thought she would just end up working in McDonalds or KFC. Until One direction came to town.
Writing a letter to Niall Horan her life gets flipped up side down. She is living the dream of millions of girls. She shares her life with her bffl Bex. This is a dream...


1. A dream come true

I have always hated small spaces. Nothing in my opinion is worse that a cramped small space. But I was prepared to go through anything to see them. I wanted to see the people who inspired me to sing and act. They made me believe that anyone can make their dreams come true. I had to get into the store.
There was a few hundred people stud in front of me and Bex. For my own curiosity I looked behind me and there was a few hundred more. Luckily the line was moving up so I got time to breath a move something I was not able to do twenty minutes ago. Trying to ask Bex the time was possibly the biggest challenge of my life because the group of seven year old girls behind us would not stop screaming. I thought I was bad. When we get into the book store I can't see them. There where to mant heads bobbing up and down, up and down. This kind of frustrated me, why could they not let other people look at them? I wanted to make sure I did not get up a six in the morning for nothing. One of the girl in front of me, who must of been at least twice my age moved a little to the right I take this as an opportunity to see if it was them. I lock my eyes onto the table full of their books and posters and I see a pair of legs. I go up and I see a face and then the hair...I was look at Niall Horan...(mine) on the left of Niall was Zyne...(Bex's) and Harry and Liam where on a different table. I am looking at the people who made me feel beautiful and made me stay up all night. I opened my bag and pulled out the letter I wrote to Niall...Ready to give to him.
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