A poem a month

Every month, I'll try to post a poem, I've made up.
*As you've probably noticed, my last post didn't work. So, I'm just going to say, for the mean time that there won't be one every month. If I think of more poems, then I'll post them, but I've got too much stress and not enough time at the moment. Sorry about that, but I didn't really have any other option.*


17. November 2013 - Dear Doctor (50th Anniversary Special)

Doctor, Doctor, where are you?

Travelling in your TARDIS of blue,

Flying past planets and stars in the sky,

Barely having enough time to say hi.


Through the time vortex and back you go,

Past, present and future, to and fro.

You can travel for all eternity,

So why not spend some of it with me?


Doctor, Doctor, don't you see?

One place is good enough for me.

So why aren't you content with it?

I know Earth's just a tiny bit.


Doctor, Doctor, with all of us here,

Just give us a big, hearty cheer.

And tell us that you're here to stay,

That you were thinking of us all the way.


Doctor, we know you're with Clara now,

But if you don't see us, we'll begin to howl,

Because you need not 1 companion, but 10 at a time,

And when you know that, we'll get along fine.


Doctor, Doctor, please write back soon,

But don't tell us that you're on a planet, star or moon,

Tell us that, to see us, you'll make amends,

To see us, as we are you're greatest friends.


Love from, your past companions x

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