A poem a month

Every month, I'll try to post a poem, I've made up.
*As you've probably noticed, my last post didn't work. So, I'm just going to say, for the mean time that there won't be one every month. If I think of more poems, then I'll post them, but I've got too much stress and not enough time at the moment. Sorry about that, but I didn't really have any other option.*


25. June 2014 - Summer and Autumn (By Olivia McBear)

A/N: Here's a poem my sister wrote and wanted me to put on here. So here you go, Olivia!

There are lots of things in Summer that we like,

Especially riding a bike.                                                                                            

Going to the park and having fun,

Eating a picnic under the sun. 

Then, we go to an ice-cream shop,

Vanilla, please, with a cherry on top!


After that, we go home and watch a film, so,

We watch two movies in a row.

Then, we go to bed and snuggle up tight,

When the lights go out, we say, 'goodnight'.  


But, then the leaves start to fall,

And finally, summer's gone for all.

No more hot wind racing high,

As cold wind passes by.

Children go to school, one-by-one,

But don't worry, as you can still have fun!

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