A poem a month

Every month, I'll try to post a poem, I've made up.
*As you've probably noticed, my last post didn't work. So, I'm just going to say, for the mean time that there won't be one every month. If I think of more poems, then I'll post them, but I've got too much stress and not enough time at the moment. Sorry about that, but I didn't really have any other option.*


9. February 2013 - The Seasons

Summer - a cool ice lolly, melting on your tongue.

Autumn - a gust of wind, blowing everything & everyone into countless rainy days.

Winter - a snowman's smile giving a warm feeling to all.

Spring - a bird chirping, waking up seeds as they grow in the sun.

The seasons - a whirl of colour giving the sky a new shade, 365 days a year.

The Whole year - a never-ending kaleidoscope announcing the light of a new dawn...

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