A poem a month

Every month, I'll try to post a poem, I've made up.
*As you've probably noticed, my last post didn't work. So, I'm just going to say, for the mean time that there won't be one every month. If I think of more poems, then I'll post them, but I've got too much stress and not enough time at the moment. Sorry about that, but I didn't really have any other option.*


27. August/September 2014 - The Little Lemon

There was a little lemon, sitting on its own,

It couldn't call for anyone, because it didn't have a phone.


It tried calling for Peter, it tried calling for Paul,

It tried to shout to anyone, "Help! I'm going to fall!"  


Then came a little orange, shouting from the ground,

"Hey lemon, it's no good shouting! You barely make a sound!


"If you were an apple, we'd love to see you shine,

But, if you were a grape, we'd hardly hear you whine."  


So the lemon started pleading, "Oh lemon, please help me!

I fear that I may fall, before you can count to 3!"


"Oh lemon, dear lemon, please don't be stressed.

It's just that your friends have already been pressed."  


"But, please orange, I'm so afraid.

When will someone come to my aid?"


Finally, it gave up and did a Sherlock,

It counted and ended up deciding to drop.  


But, the orange doesn't know what happened after this,

Did it hit the ground, or did it miss?


I wasn't really sure what the lemon would do,

So, comment what you think; the ending's up to you.

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