A poem a month

Every month, I'll try to post a poem, I've made up.
*As you've probably noticed, my last post didn't work. So, I'm just going to say, for the mean time that there won't be one every month. If I think of more poems, then I'll post them, but I've got too much stress and not enough time at the moment. Sorry about that, but I didn't really have any other option.*


11. April 2013 - Spring

Oh spring,

Full of sunshine & flowers,

And although the days go in & out,

The petals shine through the hours.


Little baby lambs hopping to & fro,

Their own little contest,

How high can you go?


Although this seems like a butterfly's dream,

Keep in mind that nothing's as it seems.


The weather's big war has only just begun,

Ice against warm winds,

Such 'fun'!


Ice's sword & Wind's shield of gold,

Both have the same strengths,

Strong, big & bold!


A battle is lost & another is won,

But for Wind,

The fight's only just begun.


By the end of the battle,

Ice's time is done,

And Wind can rejoice & attend to the cattle,


The ruby rose petals say that our time is done,

But come back next year,

For another battle to be won>


Until then, I bid thee farewell,

For here ends this month's tale.

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