My Favourite Place

This is my entry for the Booktrust competition. Please, feel free to comment, I need criticism for this piece.


1. The Entry


Luscious green grass, inhabit the future. These seeds of hope will soon flourish, to the full moon in the evening. Which hides behind the horizon while the sky shifts to night. But for now. The Sun over-looks this untouched land. Birds serenade. Chirping. Tweeting. Singing. Their voices dancing with the wind. Appointing Nature's lullaby here, to never be forgotten from my remembering. Clear, blue and distant, above was the ocean of the Heavens. Occasional clouds sailed across. Effortlessly and gracefully. But it wasn't the only ocean here. A lake of such stillness drew all attention to itself, right in the middle of all of this. Ash-like mountains, tower over-head, their reflections echoed on the surface of the blue lake. While water's sibling, snow, over looks even the mountains. I couldn't help but stare. I walked across the meadow in smooth steps. The green, thin, finger like blades of grass tickling my bare feet. I couldn't help but laugh with delight. Before I knew it, I was running. Care-free, untroubled, not caring about anything else. This can't be real, but it is. Did someone invent it, or am I dreaming? Either way I don't care, I want to stay here.


Nature's breath swirled around me, pushing back my dark crimson hair like a cape. As if I was a stallion, running free in long savannah grass, throwing my head to the wind. I smiled. These slithering waters, these ever growing mountains, and these green, luxurious woodlands. They're mine to cherish. And they're mine to hold dear forever. I kept running. Fatigue hasn't taken hold of my body, not yet anyway. And I hope, and I pray it never does. I plead this place isn't a dream, and even if it is. I'm not going to let it go. Imprinted into my memory, this place will forever be alive. Black washed over the blueness of the sky, while stars pierced through the darkness. I waited, silently. For what seemed like hours, but my reward in time came. The seeds have awaken. Their stems reach out rapidly to the icily pale Moon. While their flowers blossom, to reflect the pureness of the Sun of the Night. I kneel amongst the stretching grass. To brush my fingertips against the newly bloomed flower that enfolds in the lunar light. It's petals were smooth, uncreased, beautiful. Like a state of admiration to my senses.


Perfect? Heaven? Delightful? A Promise land? No. Those are not the words I would use to describe this place. Some might use pages and pages to describe this land of many loving memories I will create here. But I can use one simple word to say it all, a word to those who search for it.




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