Here be Dragons

A ship sails to search for the great leviathons of the far north... Dragons.


3. The Hunt

The long winter months passed easily with the study of the dragon to occupy the explorers. Nevertheless the sailors were relieved when the summer finally seemed close enough to hope for. it was no joke being trapped in the icy wastes of this inhospitable land even if you did have ample supplies and interesting occupations. However with freedom drawing ever nearer and with it the need to leave before supplies ran out, there was a final task that had to be completed. A sampple of unquenchable flame had to be obtained and the only way to do that was to hunt and kill a dragon. This would be no mean feat. The only way to bring down one of these beasts was to pepper its wings with shot, thus reducing them to ribbons and rendering the dragon unable to fly. But the problem was how to get close enough to have a chance of hitting one.

After much deliberation it was decided to use bait. Through their studies the explorers knew that the dragons' favourite meal was whale. However they did snack on seals occasionally and as the men had become adept at hunting seals this would make perfect bait.

The next seal to be caught was duly prepared on the ice and the sailors got into position to ambush the dragon. They were only just in position in time. The seal had not been there ten minutes before a ravenously hungry juvenile broke through the ice. The sailors all fired and it crashed to the ice. Then men ran up with ice picks to kill it. They broke through the scales and removed the fire from within, next to the heart. Their mission was accomplished!  

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