Here be Dragons

A ship sails to search for the great leviathons of the far north... Dragons.


2. The First Sighting

The hope that had sustained them for the long jouney to get where they now were was gone and without hope they would certainly not have survived the long winter months to come. However in the second week of their imprisonment in the ice thay had their first sight of their objective.

The sailor who was on watch noticed a strange haze over the ice in the early morning that day. The ice seemed to be wobbling and shaking before his eyes, as if it was made of jelly rather than solid ice crystals. Thinking it nothing more than another odd phenomenon of the polar regions he nevertheless called to his crew mates to see it. As they watched a jet of red fire exploded through the ice and the crew raised a jubiliant shout of "Dragon!" 

That of course was just what it was. The flame was closely followed by a white scaly snout and then wings attached to enourmous shoulders dragged th body of an enourmous beast at least twice the size of the ship into the air.

The grace of that beast in the icy air was unbelievable and the men watched mesmerised as it flew with strong wing beats into the distance. After straining their eyes until they were sure it was gone the men returned beneath decks with renewed determination to survive the winter and complete their mission.

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