Here be Dragons

A ship sails to search for the great leviathons of the far north... Dragons.


1. The Search

The brig "Diana" was alone in the vast ocean as she steamed her way northwards with her crew of brave adventurers. They were heading for the land of ice and snow in search of those great leviathons of the arctic seas... the dragons. It would be a tough journey full of severe hardships but all were prepared in body and mind and all believed in the cause: to study these great creatures and their icy land.  It was a hunt too, holding great rewards for crew and captain if they could only obtain a sample of the unquenchable fire held in the stomachs of these monsters and return it to the society of natural history for study.

The captain and his crew were filled with the thrill of adventure and the hunt. They were determined not to give up until they had achieved this goal no matter how much hardship they went through


A week later and the brig was amongst the icebergs. Like white mountains they towered out of the waves but even so the lookouts struggled to warn the mariners of their approach so shrouded in icy mist were these northern seas.

Now the"Diana" was nearing the territory of the dragons. The sailors kept their eyes peeled, each hoping to be the first to spot the monstrous beasts they had come in search of. Visions of dragons filled their minds and more than once beating wings were thought to be seen in the mist only to be blown away by a gust of wind. That same wind howling amongst the ice mountains created sound that could be mistaken for the roar of unquenchable flame emitted from the maws of a fantastic beast but no accompanying red flames were seen.


Time dragged on and as men fought with bone-chilling, strength-sapping cold and struggled to tell the difference between one snow- covered monochrome landscape and the next, they began to lose heart and hope. There were no landmarks in this endlessly white land and for all they knew they could have been going round in circles. This close to the magnetic pole their compass had stopped working and navigation was almost impossible. Not once yet had an unquestionable dragon been seen and the men began to believe that they never would find one; that they did not exist.

Then the day came when they could sail no further. "Diana" was blocked back, front and sides by unbreakable ice. They were trapped for the winter!

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