Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


22. The Zone

I got up and left the room, Ella, Brody,  Noah and Brooklyn followed me into the garage, I grabbed us all a board and they smiled at me, we boarded to 'The Zone' Skate park and sat on a bench, "So whats wrong?" Brody asked, God I LOVE these guys they know me so well. "Me and Niall kissed" I said and they all simply gave me a hug then Noah said "And now things are dead awkward between you"


Me and Noah dated since we were 11 and broke up when we were 14 we had a long distance relationship. Me and  Noah still like each other that way and we tell each other every-time we see the other. If it weren't for the distance between us we would still be dating. They all gave me hugs and we started to skate.


We were just about to leave when Brody stopped and we all looked at him with confused looks, "Look here, there is a skating competition we should enter" He said whilst pointing to a poster on 'The Zone' notice board. "Yeah" Brooky said so it was settled, we signed up and skated home. 


This meant we would be practising loads and we would be out of the house which means I wouldn't have to spend time with Niall which was a really good thing!


When we got home we put the boards away and went inside, everyone was in the front room and the only space was by Niall so I decided to go upstairs. I started to write a song........

Broken Mistakes

What has happened here?

I feel so low,

I’ve lost my cheer,

And I have no place to go.

He left me down,

He was my clown,

I cannot see him,

Not anymore,

These things will never change,

These feelings will stay the same,

Why can’t we all be in the same range?

And now I’m the one to blame.

These broken stupid worthless feelings,

Never want to leave me,

And it’s all because of these,

Broken Mistakes

Broken Mistakes

Broken  ..........






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