Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


20. Surprise

On my doorstep stood four amazing surprises and I couldn't help but let out a little screech of excitement. I ran over to my door and thats when it started, "OMG OMG OMG OMG AHHHHHHHHHH" I screamed the boys just stared at me. Me and the surprise just laughed. 

"Guys this is Ella & Brody Depth and Brooklyn & Noah Heights they are my best friends from New York." I said as we went inside. We decided to put some random music channel on and started to chat and catch up. At 10:30pm we thought it was best to go to sleep and it turned out that Ella Brody Brooklyn and Noah where staying so we had to muddle up the rooms. In the end it was; Harry,Liam,Zayn and Liam in there own rooms, Ella and Brooky in one room, Noah and Brody in then other then Niall was in my room.

Me and Niall talked ALL night and then at 12pm we got up and went downstairs for a snack. We both got a tub of ice cream; mine cookie dough and Niall's Chocolate fudge brownie. We talked and ate until 2am. "I love you Niall" I said as i hugged him "As a brother though" I whispered into his ear, "Well I love you he said," hugging me back "But like a sister" He added in whisper. When we had finished our hug we parted and decided to got to bed.

But before we did the weirdest thing happened.................. 


We Kissed !!!!!!!!!!!

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