Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


18. Songs

We all sat around till 12pm choosing songs for the album and choosing who sings who and which duets go to who. In the end our list was like this....... 

Song List

ü Climb - Beau

ü Gotta Find You – Beau & Niall

ü Introducing Me – One Direction

ü Play My Music – One Direction

ü This Is Me – Beau

ü We got the party with us – Beau & 1D

ü We Rock- Beau & 1D

ü A night to remember – Beau & 1D

ü Bet on it – 1D

ü Boys are Back – 1D

ü Breaking Free – Beau & Harry

ü Everyday – Beau & Liam

ü Fabulous- Beau

ü Gotta go my own way- Beau & Zayn

ü Walk Away- Beau

ü We’re all in this together- Beau & 1D

ü You are the music in me – Beau & Louis


We all decided that the list was good enough. Then we got a phone call of Paul, "Hiya guys and girl, I've got you booked in Cali Recording studio and i just need your song list so if you can get that to me by Friday since your recording days are Monday-Wednesday." He said, "Hi Paul, thanks for setting us up and we have the list now so we will Email that to you. Also we are creating the album covers. So BYEEEEEEE Paul." They said as they hung up.  

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