Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


24. Recording

The competition was in 3 days and today we were recording the songs it was our last day we only had 4 songs to record. It was 9am and we had to be there by 10:30am so I made a quick breakfast for everyone then dragged Ella and Brooky upstairs with me to help me find something to wear. After 20minuets i decided to wear my long top with the cross on, black studded shorts, white converse and smokey eye-shadow. I grabbed my phone and let my hair fall loose after i curled it. I ran downstairs and the boys were ready to leave and Ella Brody Brooky and Noah were going to the mall so they left. The boys had got a car but I insisted on boarding there so the let me after a long time of persuading. 


When I got there it turned out I had arrived before the boys, HA!! This has happened on all three days now but i guess thats cos i board there. 


When the boys finally arrived we got to work straight away and by the time we had finished it was 2:45pm so the boys decided to go to Nando's as celebration but i just left before they had a chance to ask me, I sped home on my board but no one was home so i went to The Zone for extra practise.


At 8:30pm I got a text of Harry asking were I was and I ignored it, at 8:35pm I got a text of Zayn ignored it, 8:40pm Liam ignored, 8:45pm Louis ignored it, 8:50pm Niall ignored, 8:55pm Ella ignored, 9pm Brooky ignored, 9:05pm Brody ignored, 9:10pm Noah ignored. 


I don't know where I am anymore, ever since 9 I decided to leave The Zone and just free board somewhere. At 10:30pm I had 30 missed calls and 50 new messages. I just scoffed and sat on the nearby bench. Someone had sat next to me, I think i recognised them I wasn't sure. "Beau Bright?" They asked. "Yeah, Who wants to know?" I replied. " It's me Anex, from The Zone" They answered. "OMG thank you" I said throwing my arms around her neck, Anex was one of my best friends from The Zone. "Do you want to stay at mine, since your house is a little far and will be hard to find in the dark? she asked, "If it's okay" I replied. We hopped of the bench and made our way to Anex's house. I love Anex she is awesome! Her hair is blonde but has been dip dyed up to the ear and is multi coloured. Her eyes are electric blue and she is an awesome skater. When we got to her house she got me my clothes that i had left last time. I had my Batman Pajama's to wear now. We changed into our Pajama's and watched a film. At 12am we went to sleep. I woke up to the smell of food. I ran downstairs to find Anex making her famous bacon butties, "Heya Bats!!!" she said as I walked into the kitchen, "Hiya Supers!!!!" I replied. Our nicknames are the best!!!!! After our lunch (since it was 12pm) we went to get changed. Anex had on a superman top, superman shorts, superman cap and superman converse. I had on my Batman top,shorts, cap and converse. We both had matching bags to our outfits. 


We then just chillaxed for the rest of the afternoon. I checked my phone and I had 90 missed calls and 100 new messages. I didn't even bother to look at them I just put my phone back in my backpack. We watched all the batman and superman films the Anex had and then there was a knock at the door.

Anex went to open the door, "May I help you?" Anex asked the person at the door. "Maybe" The voice replied, "What do you want?" Anex asked, "It's who I want not what I want?"The person said. I walked out of the living room and got a view of the door, "Why should I let you in?" Anex asked, she would be a great police officer or investigator. "Because I'm Irish" the person replied. Oh no its.... its...... its..... Niall, What is he doing here!?!?!?!?!


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