Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


6. Quality Time With One Direction

The summer has gone really quickly and the boys have been with me since the second week and there is still loads of the summer left. We are stuck for things to do though. 


Today we are going swimming in the private pool near mine. You have to book your time in the pool so no-one else will be there. At least the boys won't get swarmed with fans! 


"I called Alexa and Blaze and they are meeting us there" You tell the boys as you leave your house and head to the pool. You all have are long boarding to the pool and One Direction all have unique and interesting disguises on. 


Harry had a pair of sunglasses with a Jack Wills hoodie.

Louis had a Beanie and his glasses on.

Liam had a super-dry hoodie and sunglasses on.

Niall had a new era cap and sunglasses.

Zayn had a fluffy winter hat(in summer) and a hoodie on.

We all had no fear Lay Back Long Boards and we boarded to the pool.


When we got there we saw Blaze and Alexa and we headed inside. 


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