Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


12. Hibernation

I shut down my laptop and left it on my desk. I then went underneath my bed- it's really big and spacious and my own den-. Louis and Liam where at my door. "Come on Beau, Please open the door."Liam said. "It's locked and i'm moving from here."I shouted back.

I got a text, changed my volume to silent, i then read the text and it was off Louis.

'Please open the door Beau, Please for me. We want to talk to you.'

I text back 'If you want to you can't come through the main door.' 

He text back 'Then how do we get in?'

I reply 'Go to the boiler cabinet and push the towel racks to the left and walk through, you will find a door it's not locked so open the door and you will be in my bathroom, then open the sliding door and you will be in my bedroom.' 

Louis replied'Okay we're in your room, but where are you?"

I text back'Under the bed.' 

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