Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


25. Competition

The skateboarding competition is today and i'm not bothered at all. Nothings been the same since i stayed with Anex. 


Anex went to open the door, "May I help you?" Anex asked the person at the door. "Maybe" The voice replied, "What do you want?" Anex asked, "It's who I want not what I want?"The person said. I walked out of the living room and got a view of the door, "Why should I let you in?" Anex asked, she would be a great police officer or investigator. "Because I'm Irish" the person replied. Oh no its.... its...... its..... Niall, What is he doing here!?!?!?!?!

"So!" Anex said annoyed, I walked out to Anex and put my hand on her shoulder, "It's okay, I know him" I said glumly and she nodded and let Niall in. The three of us sat in the living room awkwardly, Anex knows what happened since i filled her in last night. She made us drinks and that left me and Niall awkwardly sitting in the living room. "How did you know where to find me?" I asked breaking the silence, "You told me that when you ran away from school one time that you came here because Anex lives far away from everything and everyone you know" He replied simply, Damn forgot i told him that, me and Niall got really close after the Harry drama so i told him stuff like that.

"Everyone wants you home"He said, "So" I shrugged, really hope Anex would be back now, "So your coming home with me now!!" He said roughly, I had put all my stuff in my bag and I could just leave,"No!" I yelled, he looked at me surprised since none of the boys have seen me yell or get angry before. "I'm not leaving until you come back with me" He stated, this got you annoyed, why can't people leave me alone, I stood up "STAY THERE" I yelled at Niall as I left the room.

I went to Anex, "I'm leaving," I told her, she nodded, "Your Batman board is there" she replied pointing to my board, "Thanks and when Niall tries to follow me give me fifteen minuets at least as a head start oh and give him my blue board please,"I said to her she smiled at me, I slung my backpack over my shoulder and made sure I had everything I needed, just before I left Anex stopped me, she handed me fifty pounds, she obviously knew i wasn't going home now, i thanked her and gave her a hug before boarding out of the back door and down the side of her house, and onto the main road. I boarded until my legs felt like jelly, I stopped and checked my phone I had loads of missed calls and new messages of Niall and the others, there was a text of Anex and it read, 'Hey girl I stalled him for an hour and he left at 11 which is well after you. Good Luck hope your okay, Anex xxx' I smiled and looked at the time it read 1:30 which meant i had been boarding for four and a half hours! I sat on the floor near a park and must of passed out because that was the last thing i remember doing.

**End of FlashBack**

I showered and put on my MTV top, blue shorts, blue n black high tops, I grabbed my iPod, threw my hair in a scruffy ponytail and grabbed a Batman Board. I ran downstairs grabbed an apple and carrot smoothie from the fridge (DON'T JUDGE MY TASTE!!!!!!) I then made my way to the door almost undetected, "BOOF!!!!!!!" Brody yelled as he jumped from the coat cupboard by the front door "Hi Brody" I said simply, "DAMN IT" Brody muttered/yelled, "I've told you before you can't scare me and seriously BOOF?" I replied he nodded and frowned, "Where you sneaking out to then?" He asked suspiciously "The Zone, for practise want to come?" I asked, "Yep" He replied popping the 'P' and nodding.  When we got to The Zone they were setting up for the competition. Me and Brody caught a few sneaky skates before having to move, we stayed at The Zone till the actual competition. At 12 Ella,Noah and Brooklyn decided to join us finally. "How long have you been here?" Brooklyn asked, "Since about 9" Me and Brody replied in unison, "Beau was sneaking out and I was waiting to scare her when she left, so i jumped out and screamed BOOF, and she wasn't at all scared, then she told me she was coming here so i joined her," Brody said cheerfully, "Seriously Brody BOOF????" They all asked in unison, "Thats what i said" I stated and Brody blushed


The competition started


It was time for the prizes and scores. I always am excited at this point but today i couldn't care less, "In 5th place is Miss Brooklyn Heights ,from New York," The commentator said, we all cheered as Brooky received a small medal, she then hopped back down towards us, "In 4th place Mr. Noah Heights, also from New York," The commentator continued, we again cheered and Brooky got her medal, "Top 3 now....., In 3rd place is Miss. Anex Granger from California" This commentator was really annoying,I didn't place oh well i don't even care, I hope Brody placed. Some of the skaters were actually really good and I'm not surprised that I didn't place, "Taking silver is Mr.Brody Depth, New York," The annoying person said, we all cheered  as Brody got his medal, "And now the moment you've all been waiting for...." He is bugging me now "HURRY THE HELL UP" Someone yelled, THANK YOU!!! "Okay then, In first place is our own Miss. Beau Bright" SAY WHA!!!!!!! I won this isn't right, i got my medal and trophy then skated home as fast as possible. When i got home i ran to my room and put the trophy on the floor. I jumped on my bed,

It's my birthday in 3 days I'm going to be 18. But I'm not happy or excited, I'm not planning a party, I'm doing nothing,


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