Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???



When we get home the boys were walking well pacing up and down the room. "Hey guys, what's up?" You ask confused. They all looked up and their eyes lit up. "LOUIS,LOUIS,LOUIS,LOUIS,LOUIS!!!!!!" They all screamed. "We where so worried, you just disappeared, we thought you had been kidnapped by crazy fans!" Niall said.


Since I wasn't needed I put the shopping in the kitchen and went to my room. I started to write some new lyrics but nothing was good enough. There was a knock at my bedroom door, "It's open" I shouted and Louis came in, he sat my floor. "You okay?" He asked. "Yeah I'm fine, why would you ask?" I said slightly confused. "Because you walked off when we got in and shut yourself in here." Louis replied.  I just shrugged, "Did you get the present I got you?" I asked, and he nodded with a HUGE smile on his face. "Yeah it was AWESOME SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He said which made me laugh.


"I can't believe you bought me all that stuff!" Louis exclaimed you just laugh.

"I mean a bag of carrots yeah, but you bought me 3 bags of carrots, 3 bottles of carrot juice, 3 big carrot cakes and 3 stuffed carrot teddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He screamed excitedly


"What am I not allowed to buy you a present?" you asked innocently with a smirk on your face. "Fine then I'll take them back and won't bother next time" I continued still smirking.


"NO!!!!!! I didn't mean that and please don't take back; Crunchy, Yummy and Tasty!" He cried which just lead me to bursting into fits of laughter. He gave me a big hug then we went downstairs to play with Crunchy, Yummy and Tasty as well as making tea.  

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