Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


21. Awkward.......................

After the kiss it went all quiet and Niall began to speak but I got up and ran up the stairs before any words came out of his mouth. When i got up stairs I bumped into Louis, "Are you okay Beau?" Louis asked, I shook my head " Where's Niall?" He asked and thats when i burst into tears. I fell to the floor and continued to cry, Louis came down to help me,, "Do you want to come and talk?" He asked and I nodded through my tears.


As we went to Louis room he sat me on his bed and pulled me into a hug, he wiped my tears with his thumb and smiled at me, "So what happened?" He asked softly. After I had calmed down I began to tell Louis what happened, "Me and Niall were hungry so we went downstairs and had a tub of Ben 'n' Jerry's each and when we had finished i said I loved him as a brother and he said he loved me as a sister then we hugged then we kissed." I whispered. Throughout Louis nodded and when I had finished he gave me a big hug. 


I heard Niall coming upstairs and remembered that I had to share my room with him till Ella, Brody, Noah and Brooklyn leave, that made me cry again. Louis looked really concerned "You have to share your room with him don't you?" I nodded still in tears "You don't want to ruin your friendship and you think this has ruined your friendship don't you?" I nodded again, "Do you want me and Niall to swap rooms so that it isn't awkward between the two of you?" I nodded again. He got up and walked out of the room "Wait here I'll go tell Niall" He said before leaving, "Wait" I called after him, He spun on his heels "Yes?" He replied "Don't say anything about me talking to you, just say you saw it or something please!" I beg and he nodded.


After 10 minuets Louis returned with a smile on his, "We are swapping he is just gathering his stuff and i'm going to do the same, so if you want you can go and freshen up in the bathroom so you don't have to face him" He said and I agreed and hurried to the bathroom.


I heard 2 kicks and 4 knocks at the door which was Louis' code for its clear. I got up from sitting on the bath and unlocked the door, I walked out and Louis took my hand and smiled at me. We walked into my room and I got into bed and Louis got comfy on the floor we both fell asleep instantly since it was 5:30am. 


When I woke up it was 5pm and Louis was still asleep on the floor, I got up and got in the shower, the warm water washed away memories from the last. I scrubbed my hair with Kiwi Shampoo and Conditioner. I grabbed my neon green towel, wrapped it around my body and walked into my room, I headed to my wardrobe when Louis woke up, he rubbed his eyes and then covered them again "Oh God I'm sorry" He said whilst keeping his eyes covered, I just laughed, "S'Okay, I mean you've seen me in a bikini so its fine. I said with a smile. He uncovered his eyes and gave me a 'Are you sure?' look, i just laughed and continued to look for something to wear. In the end I chose my brown boots, jeans, long top, brown bag and my glasses, yes i wear glasses! Louis got dressed in my bathroom and I got dressed in my room. When he walked out he was  wearing a stripey top with red pants and toms. He smiled at me and gave me a hug. We went downstairs and everyone shouted "FINALLY!!!!" all except for Niall we sat down and I sat well away from Niall but he has that look in his eyes that makes you want to go over and hug him. 

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