Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


7. At the Beach

After swimming Blaze and Alexa had to go home but me and the boys hit the beach.

The beach we went to is a really quiet beach and its right behind my house so its really easy to get to and from in-case they get swarmed with fans. 

Niall, Harry and Zayn were sunbathing whist me,Liam and Louis were surfing.


We had competitions to see who could stay up longest and who had the best skill.


Then we had an CBS (Cali Best Surf) Niall, Zayn and Harry where the judges and myself, Louis and Liam where the acts. I won 5 of the 11 rounds and so did Louis  since the last round was who looks most stupid on a surf board and Liam won that round.

Harry was taking pictures with my camera and i'm going to make a video with them.


At 9pm we decided to go in for tea so we packed up and the boys ran ahead to put the stuff away accept for Harry who walked with me and asked me something .....................

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