Letters to Louis

'I am writing to Louis Tomlinson !!!!'

But what will happen this summer ???


14. Apologies

After half an hour of awkwardness, i got up and left my own room. I walked downstairs and ran straight to the beach. I sat down in the sand with my face in my hands.


Tears of frustration were streaming down my face, when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked up and saw Harry, of all people. He sat down next to me. 


He lifted my face so i had to look at him. He then wiped my tears and smiled at me. I just looked down at the sand. I could tell that this hurt him but he hurt me by what he said on Twitter so, what comes around goes around baby! 


"Look, Beau, we need to talk," He began, I just shrugged. "Please look at me," He said. "Why should I" I replied. I shuffled away from him but he just followed. God he just doesn't get it,does he.


"Please,just listen to me, please."He won't stop. I stood up, "No, why should I, what makes you so special that i MUST listen to you." I said as I walked further down the beach. "I'm famous,"He said but straight away you could tell he didn't mean it. "OMG, just cos your famous doesn't mean i have to listen to you!" I shouted back to him.


"I'm sorry that I broke up with you, I'm sorry that you think your better than most, I'm sorry that you asked me out. I'M SORRY!" I screamed at him. With tears of anger, frustration, disappointment and upset running down my face. 


He got up and walked towards me. "I'm sorry for upsetting you, I'm sorry for being a jerk and I'm sorry for saying what i said on Twitter" He said as he put his arm round me and pulled me into a half hug. We both smiled at each other as I lent my head on his shoulder. "I forgive you" We both said at the same time, resulting in us laughing. We both got up and walked back up to my house. 


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