Playing With Fire

This is currently just a short peice of writing, but, well, I might turn it into a proper story if anyone likes it. It got me 70% in a mock CE 13+ exam paper (I'm 12), so, yeah...


1. Playing With Fire

"No!" Cried the king, as another building burst into flames. "Stop! I'll give you the kingdom, anything!"

"Too late," grinned the fire master devilishly. "It's ours anyway."

It is true, when people say that history repeats itself. Ten years ago, the Fire Dwellers had attempted to burn the town down. The previous King was selfish and said that they would immediately inherit the kingdom in ten years time, since he was an old man and knew he'd be dead my this point in time, so wouldn't need to worry.

His assumption was correct. However, his son was furious that the kingdom wasn't rightly his, and refused to give up the throne. The Fire Dwellers were outraged, and has declared war that very day.

Like I said, history really can repeat itself.




"Now, children," muttered a man, in an attempt to sound reassuring. "We'll be fine, you'll see."

This was just one of the many families who were suffering from the selfish greed of their royals. The fire was drawing in, so they were clustered in a corner, the flames blocking any hope of escape. The mother of this family had already dies, sprinting manically through the house to find her missing baby. The father attempted more comforting words, but his lungs contained so much smog and smoke, that he too soon collapsed, joining his baby and beloved wife.

"What do we do?" one boy cried in fear.

"I don't know!" his twin replied. Then he added: "I think Mother and Father got out!"

"We have to look for them!" the youngest daughter exclaimed.

"We'll go," one of the twins said nobly to his little sister. "It's not safe for you. You're too little."

They ran into the roaring fire, leaving the girl alone. She longed for them to get out, but her hopes were crushed by two sickening screams.

At this point, she was surrounded by fire. The child closed her eyes, waiting for death to greet her, but opened them when nothing happened. The flames were licking her skin, leaving no burns. She could take in the smokey air. She liked the feeling, with the flames tickling her arms like this. In fact, if she hadn't been grieving over the loss of her family, she would have enjoyed it. 

She stepped outside, to see the village in chaos. Everything was in flames. Fire dwellers were patrolling the city, prepared to set any form of life alight. Nothing was safe.

Except her.

The girl watched as hundreds of eyes gazed back at her.

Flaming red fire Dwellers' eyes.

Two of which belonged to the fire master.

"What?!" he exclaimed, his eyes ablaze. "How did you-? Who are you- ? She can't live." Then, at his minions: "KILL HER!"

All the Fire Dwellers ran at her, arms and legs akimbo, deftly following the orders of their master. Thoughts were racing through the girl's mind rapidly. What if last time was a one-off? A dream even? Had she imagined it? This was surely the end.

They stopped. They collapsed. Likewise the fire master. Even the fire itself had gone out.

The girl stood there amongst the burnt buildings, thinking about what just happened. Had she really been playing with fire?


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