2 Years and 51 Days

"I've waited for her 2 years and 51 days, and now that she's awake, she can't even remember me."
Alex has waited for his girlfriend Ida to wake up from a coma for 2 years and 51 days. But she can't remember him. He's willing to make her fall in love with him all over again in this tale of love and loyalty.
Told from the points of view of Ida and Alex. (Depending on the name in the chapter title)


5. Truth - Ida

I knew he was lying the moment he uttered the word boyfriend. I had never had a boyfriend. Not yet. Not ever. My parents are really strict. They would never let me have a boyfriend. I know they wouldn't be so kind as he was making out they would be. And the name Alex? Is it alien or something! It's so unusual! I don't like it. I don't really like him to be honest. His caremal hair makes me want to touch it, it is beautiful. And his eyes are so soulful, it makes me want to cry, those eyes show so much emotion. I have to admit, he seems kind of familiar, like in a dream. I want to know the truth about why he's here, why is he sitting by my bedside! It seems a little creepy to me. But another thing is I'm not even in my own bed, am I? They've sent me off to some place where you get watched as you sleep. I want to know who that boy is, where my parents are and where on earth I am. I've got the feeling I'm at a very strict boarding school, but that wouldn't make sense. I'm still in bed and they wake you up really early. Plus I'm not sure if I can get out of bed. My legs feel like jelly, and my body hurts all over. Except for the hand he touched. That hand feels like it belongs to me, the real me again.

I try and think towhat I was doing before bed. I screw up my face and close my eyes and try to focus on the date, 18th May. Well, it must be 19th May today and I was transported in my sleep. I wondered how that had happened. I'm a very light sleeper. I must have missed a fact. I carry on thinking about what could have happened when a warm hand. His warm hand. Gently touched my cheek and stroked it with his thumb. I felt myself slipping in and out of conciousness. I rolled over so his hand was sandwiched between the pillow and my face. His hand was warm. It was wonderful, like I had just been brought back to life by an unknown hero. I looked up into those eyes. His eyes seemed to be welling with tears again. I stared intently at them until giving in when something caught my eye. It was a folded crumpled piece of paper stickikng out of his shirt's top pocket. I reached out and slid it out so it was in my hands. I unfolded it and stared,shocked and puzzled.

It was a photo of me and Alex laying together in a hammock. His arm was around my hip and I was looking up at him cheerfully, and he was looking down at me his eyes shining too. I wondered if it was trick photography. It wasn't. It was me and him. Together.

A single memory stung my brain...

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