2 Years and 51 Days

"I've waited for her 2 years and 51 days, and now that she's awake, she can't even remember me."
Alex has waited for his girlfriend Ida to wake up from a coma for 2 years and 51 days. But she can't remember him. He's willing to make her fall in love with him all over again in this tale of love and loyalty.
Told from the points of view of Ida and Alex. (Depending on the name in the chapter title)


6. Single Memory - Ida

Laughing. Lots of laughing. I smiled at a warm friendly face. A face I loved. Who had been with me forever. I wrapped my arms around his waist. I feel his smile beam down on me. Feel his warmth through his clothes. Feel his hands on my back, making tingly handprints along it. Reaching up. Him leaning down. Getting closer. Big brown eyes looking into my blue eyes. Lips joining. Love and care. Friendship and protection. Kiss.

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