2 Years and 51 Days

"I've waited for her 2 years and 51 days, and now that she's awake, she can't even remember me."
Alex has waited for his girlfriend Ida to wake up from a coma for 2 years and 51 days. But she can't remember him. He's willing to make her fall in love with him all over again in this tale of love and loyalty.
Told from the points of view of Ida and Alex. (Depending on the name in the chapter title)


4. 3 Simple Words - Alex

Those 3 simple words stung me hard, right where it hurts. My heart. We had loved each other. I still love her. Yet she can't even remember me. Tears start spurting from my eyes. She's looking at me, expecting an answer. I can't answer her. She should know. I'm the one that's waited for her every hour of the day.

Whilst her parents have been at work, I've sat next to her. I'm the one she should remember. I'm not happy she's awake now, well, I am, but I'm angry too. The doctor's should have warned me, she might not be able to remember me. I stood up. Let her hand go, watched it drop limply beside the bed. Her face dropped and her eyes, they remembered me, but she didn't. I walked out and sat down. Thinking about all the times we had spent together. Good and bad.

The night of the accident, was the night of our 3 year annivearsery. I thought about that fateful night, I wept for a while and let myself calm down first before I dared to go back into that room. I watched as her eyes lit up when I came back in. I allowed myself a small smile. I sat next to her once more and replied to her question whilst taking her hand in mine once more.

"I'm your boyfriend, Alex Reed" I watched her face screw up around her eyes. How she always looked when she was confused. It made me chuckle. She shot me an accusing glare.

"You're not my boyfriend. I don't have one." She said childishly, sticking her toungue out at me. That was her playful old self, but she meant it. She thought she didn't have a boyfriend, didn't have me. I know I sound vain when I say that. But you haven't waited for 2 years and 51 days for the one you believed would be your future fiancee. And I promise you, I will make her love me again. I promise that.

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