Faith Betrayed

A young Night Elf priestess comes face-to-face with the most difficult decision of her life, endangering the lives of all she holds dear.


3. Confrontation

The following night, Siralen was back in the temple, again leading the faithful in the worship of Elune. However, having priestesses bow before her and all the people come to her for her blessing was still taking some getting used to.


As the night continued on, she and Ceylana again took to walking in the peaceful garden. The two women strolled along in silence for a time, at least until Siralen could no longer contain her growing anxiousness.


“What is it you wanted to talk to me about, Lana?”


Ceylana stopped and turned to face her friend. “I think you should consider the High Priestess’s words, Siri.”


Those words that she had tried her best to forget, to pretend they had never been spoken, flooded into her mind again. She stiffened, fighting back her tears.


“I think it is wonderful to be serving Elune and the Cherished Heart of the People. I do not see wisdom in her words, Lana. It is not beyond our calling to serve Elune and our Queen.”


“But that’s just it! Our Mistress is divine, the source of light from which all good things flow. Our empire stands as a testament to her blessings and her goodness. Our Queen Azshara proved herself worthy to receive the people’s blessing, and to be made our Queen, but she is not within her right to begin speaking for the Mother Moon. She must be reminded that she is just as indebted to Elune as the rest of us.”


Siralen’s eyes narrowed and she began to get angry. “Who is to say our Queen isn’t able to commune with the Mother Moon, or speak for her? She has selected me because Elune has willed it! I don’t think you would have been so quick to carry out the holy rite yourself had you thought otherwise.”


“Speak with her, Ceylana. I fear she will not listen to me. You are her best friend…you must convince her to see reason.” Ceylana thought on High Priestess Dejahna’s words and sighed. It would seem the night Siralen spent in the palace, in the presence of Queen Azshara, had helped only to skewer her reasoning further.


“I don’t know what the Queen has said to you, Siri, but surely her words are poison. I beg you to consider not her words, but those of our High Priestess…she has only your best interests at heart. You are like my own sister, Siri…I couldn’t bear seeing you come to an evil end!”


Something rustled in the bushes nearby the two priestesses, but neither woman paid any attention to it. Their small talk was turning into a terrible argument, much to Ceylana’s great chagrin. It had pained her to carry out the high priestess’ will and she was now sorely grieved to have so upset her friend.


Siralen was almost beside herself. “You would dare speak such treasonous words against our Beloved?” She turned and began walking away, no longer willing to tolerate the conversation.


“I would be far more afraid of speaking words of betrayal against our beloved goddess and her chosen high priestess than I would ever fear the wrath of a temporal queen!”


Siralen whirled around, glaring at Ceylana. “I can see now that Azshara was right about Dejahna, that she is truly and deeply jealous of me! But I didn’t think my accession would make you so jealous too, Ceylana!”


These rash words stung Ceylana to her core, as if Siralen had plunged a long, jagged knife straight through her heart.


“How can you even say that?” She couldn’t speak anymore. She began to choke up, so utterly hurt and despairing of her friend’s obdurate behavior. No counsel could have prepared her for what she had clearly not anticipated.


Siralen straightened and held her head high. “I will ignore your vicious words spoken against our Queen, Ceylana. But now I see your true heart.” Siralen began to well up with tears, and stopped speaking. Still fuming, she turned and hastened away back into the temple.

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