He Could Be The One(HarryStyles) **Not finishing** Sorry!

My name is Andrea. I'm a huge fan of One Direction. So I decided to make a fan fiction. This is my first one so it might be pretty boring at first so I'm sorry about that. I hope you all enjoy my fan fiction and maybe comment and tell me if I should continue. Thanks. Also, this story is completely fiction. I'm just writing this for fun(: .xx


7. The Limo Ride To See The Boys.

Harry opened the car door and I got in. All I could do was smile, it was so amazing. "Thank you Harry." "Anything for you Andrea." I just smiled. "So are you ready to see the other guys?" "Yes!" I said with a huge grin on my face. "You're not going to fangirl, right?" "Right. I was good at the signing, I'm sure I'll be good at the hotel. I promise Harry." "Okay good." We didn't talk much on the way there. We just held hands. 

**Harry's POV**

"I want to tell her I loved her so much. But it was too soon. I felt like I did love her though, there was just this huge connection between us." I thought to myself. "I'll tell her on our 2nd date." I looked at her and kissed her cheek. She just smiled. "We here." Paul said. "Okay, thanks Paul." I said as I tried to hand him 20 dollars. He wouldn't take it. Andrea tried to get out but I told her to stay. I got out and ran over to the door, opened it, and she came out. She looked like a superstar at the red carpet, even though she wasn't even wearing a dress. She was wearing shorts, a tank top, and a black and blue pair of osiris'. She looked like a dancer. She had the body for it. And if she is her and Danielle would be really good friends. "Hey, are you a dancer?" I asked her. "Actually, yeah, kinda." "Oh really, you and Danielle would be pretty good friends then." "Yeah, me and Eleanor will be too because we both like fashion. And I hope me and Perrie will because I like singing too. As you already know." She said, giggling.

**Andrea's POV**

"Ohhhh myyyy God!" I thought to myself as we walked in the hotel.  "Oh my God, sorry about this Andrea." He said as we saw all the screaming girls running towards us. "Wanna run?" He asked me. "What room number are we going to and what floor?" "Room 222, floor 6." "Where's Paul?" I asked him. "I have no idea." "RRRRRUUUUUNNNNN!" I shouted running through all the girls.  I had a few girls follow me, but there wasn't a lot so I just stopped. "Oh my God, you're so pretty!" One of the girls said. "You really are." Another girl said. "Why are you wearing those types of clothes?" Another girl said. "Why can't I?" I asked the girl having me a rude look. She walked away. "Sorry about that, she's not a every nice person." One of the other girls said. There were only 2 of them now. And they both asked if they could have my autograph. They wouldn't stop asking. I felt like a princess. I took the piece of paper and the sharpie from one girl and signed the best I could. I gave her back the piece of paper and the other girl gave me her's. I signed the best I could. "Thank you.." They said looking at the piece of paper, learning my name. "Andrea! Thank you Andrea." They both said. "No problem." "Do you have a twitter? We'd love to follow you." "Yeah." I said giving them my twitter. "Thank you so much! I love how you put 1D into your twitter name." "Haha, well I'm a big fan. It was nice meeting you two." I said as they ran over and hugged me. Then they ran over to the rude girl. I looked up and saw Harry in the elevator and he was looking at me. I just waved and started running to the stairs. He was only on the second floor when I saw him. I wanted to beat him to the room. I ran up 18 flights of stairs as fast as I could and ran to room 222. I didn't know where it was so I ran around the whole floor and I finally found it. I just sat againist the wall. I was out of breath. I needed something to drink my throat was so dry. I saw Harry running towards me once he got out of the elevator. "Andrea, are you okay?" "Yeah, yeah, I ran up 18 flights of stairs as fast as I could to beat you here." I said. He didn't say anything. He just sat next to me. "Heeeyyy, I beeeatttt youuuuu." I said sounding drunk and punched him really lightly. "Yeah, come on. You need to get in the room and lay down and drink some water." He said as he started to pick me up. "Damn it, I don't have a key." He started to kick the door because he was holding me like when you get married. Niall answered and said "Whoa, she is okay?" "Yeah, she needs something to drink." Zayn walked in and said "Harry, is this your girl?" "Yeah." Harry replied smiling. Niall looked at Harry weird. "Your girl?" "Yes, this is my girlfriend, Andrea." "Hey, Andrea is an Irish name!" Niall said getting excited. Harry walked over to the living room and put me on the couch. "Harry, I'm fine." I said. "No, you don't look like you're okay." Zayn walked over to me and sat by my feet. "Hi Andrea." "Hi Zayn." "Are you okay?" "Yeah, I'm fine." I said. He stood up and walked away. Liam walked over to me and said "Are you Andrea?" "Yes." "That's cool. You have a very pretty name." "Thank you." I said smiling. "You're welcome." He said walking away. Harry came over with a glass of water. "Thanks babe." I said. He didn't say anything. He just smiled.



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