He Could Be The One(HarryStyles) **Not finishing** Sorry!

My name is Andrea. I'm a huge fan of One Direction. So I decided to make a fan fiction. This is my first one so it might be pretty boring at first so I'm sorry about that. I hope you all enjoy my fan fiction and maybe comment and tell me if I should continue. Thanks. Also, this story is completely fiction. I'm just writing this for fun(: .xx


9. Kenzie and Niall.

After watching movies with the boys, me, Harry, and Niall went to my flat. They took the elevator to the limo, I took the stairs because I was going to call Kenzie. "Hello?" She said. "Niall is coming over, do your hair, makeup, and get dressed! We'll be there in about 10 minutes." "What why?" "Because I was telling the other boys about how me and Harry got together and Nialler looked upset. And then I took him in the hallway to talk and he said he wanted a girlfriend." I said. I wasn't going to EVER tell her about Niall saying he wanted me. "So yeah, get dressed and stuff." "Okay! Wait, when will you guys be here?" "In about 10 minutes." "Okay, bye." She said, I hung up.

We all got in the limo and I was sitting inbetween Niall and Harry. It was pretty awkward. None of us talked the whole time. Once we got to the flat, I had to wait for Harry or Niall to get out. Once Harry got out, I got out and ran inside. "KENZIE WE HERE!" I shouted. "Come here!" She shouted back. I ran to her room and she said, "I need help picking an outfit." I helped her pick an outfit, and she looked so pretty. Me and her both walked out into the living room with our arms crossed and Niall and Harry were talking. Niall and Harry turned towards us and Niall looked at Kenzie like she was a princess. "Hi Niall." Kenzie said smiling and looking at the ground. Niall walked over and lifted her head up and said "You're beautiful." "Hey Niall, can I talk to you?" I said. "Yeah." He said. We walked into the kitchen and I told him he needed to talk to Kenzie. "No problem!" He said. "Please don't hurt her, she's one of my bestfriends." "I wouldn't ever hurt her. I wouldn't hurt anyone." "Okay, thank you." I said as I walked over to Harry. "Wow, he got over me fast." I thought to myself. We all sat on the coach and turned on the TV. The news was saying I was cheating on Harry with him right by me..? "Yeah, because that makes sense." I looked at Harry and he looked pretty upset. "Haz, are you okay?" I asked him. "I don't know. I'm just tired of news reporters. I feel like there going to ruin our relationship." "Babe, that won't ever happen okay? I promise you." "Andrea, I have something important to say, and I feel like you'll hate me for saying it." "I couldn't and won't ever hate you, what is it?" I said smiling. "I love you." He said looking at his phone in his lap. "I love you too Haz."


Sorry this chapter is short, I'm tired. :P


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