He Could Be The One(HarryStyles) **Not finishing** Sorry!

My name is Andrea. I'm a huge fan of One Direction. So I decided to make a fan fiction. This is my first one so it might be pretty boring at first so I'm sorry about that. I hope you all enjoy my fan fiction and maybe comment and tell me if I should continue. Thanks. Also, this story is completely fiction. I'm just writing this for fun(: .xx


4. Harry Stays The Night.

I couldn't look into his eyes and tell him 'yes' because I was driving so I glanced over and said "I'd like that." He wouldn't stop staring at me. It was like his eyes were glued onto me. I didn't mind though. He turned the radio on and 'What Makes You Beautiful' was playing. I started dancing and singing. I totally forgot that Harry was in the car with me. Which I don't really understand because we were still holding hands. But I was still singing, that best I could to. Harry thought I was good! I mean I've always wanted to be a singer, its my dream. Harry and the boys were my role models. And it was an amazing feeling to have my role model say I was actually good and is now my boyfriend.  I continued singing and Harry's solo came up and he sang with me. We sounded pretty good together. After the sing finished the radio host said: "Harry Styles found with mystery girl and the picture of them kissing is on Twitter now." "Damn it!" Harry said. "What? What's wrong?" I said. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know anyone would see us. I feel terrible." "Harry, listen to me," I said still trying to drive. It was hard trying to tell him it was okay without being able to look into his eyes. "It's fine. I promise. I don't care. We're a couple now, there's not going to be stupid rumors that you and I JUST kissed. Because when you go to interviews you'll tell them we're together, right?" "Of course. I'm still sorry." "Babe, its fine." He just smiled. I could see his gorgeous smile from the corner of my eye. We got to the flat a few minutes later. "Welcome to my crappy home Harry. It's hell, you're gonna love it." I said winking. He just laughed. We got out of the car and I waited for him and we started holding hands. We walked up the stairs and I opened the door. The girls were watching a scary movie and I'm deathly afraid of clowns and when we walked in, a clown popped out and I screamed at the top of my lungs. Harry and the girls just laughed at me. They didn't turn around because they didn't think I'd bring Harry home. "I'm going to my room now!" I said about to cry. "Goodnight!" They all shouted back. "Goodnight ladies." Harry said. They all turned around and everyone expect me and Tanith fangirled. Me and Harry ran to my room. "Wow, your friends are quite something huh?" He said. "Haha. Yeah. But I love them to death. I'm sorry about that. I know you don't like that kind of stuff." "It's fine babe. Nice room by the way. I like that poster on your ceiling." "Oh God," I thought to myself, "He saw the Harry Styles poster on my freakin' ceiling. Now he probably thinks I'm weird." I didn't say anything. My eyes just widened open. He was on the other side of the room. Once he looked at me, he saw I was embarrassed. He walked over to me and grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck so it looked like we were slow dancing. "I like the poster, don't be embarrassed. Okay?" I nodded my head up and down. He leaned in and kissed me passionately. We both stopped at the same time and he looked into my eyes and smiled. I did the same. "Wanna watch a movie?" I asked him. "Sure." He replied smiling. "You can pick the movie." I said. "Do you have Bambi?" "Yes." I said laughing because I knew he always played this movie when he watched a movie with a girl. I put in Bambi and I told him I'd be right back. I took some pajamas and went to the bathroom to change. I went back in the room and Harry was just in his boxers. "Sorry, I don't have pajamas." "It's fine." I said trying not to stare. His abs were amazing. I got in bed and got under the covers Harry did the same. I got the remote and pushed 'play' to watch the movie. I didn't even watch 10 minutes of the movie because I fell asleep laying on Harry's chest.                                                                                              Sorry if this one isn't the best. I'm pretty tired and I wanted to do a chapter everyday (: Thank you to all who like my fan fiction. It means a lot(:  .xx

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