That One Summer

*This is not in anyway what I think the guys of one direction would be like nor do I know them. This is just a fan fiction. Emphasis on the fiction.


2. Chapter Two

           I woke up the next morning and everyone but me and Harry was up and downstairs cooking. I could smell the bacon. I looked down and couldn’t believe Zayn was up he is usually the last to get up.

            “Good morning,” said Harry with a smile.

            “Morning Harry,” I responded.

            He kissed me.

            We heard all the guys stomping up the stairs so we pretended to be asleep. I heard them at the door whispering.

            They entered the room. I could feel four faces in my face. I opened one eye. They were all staring at me like they were trying to stare into my sole.

            I couldn’t help but smile and laugh and nether could everyone else.

            We got up and all of us headed downstairs. The two girls were sitting at the table drinking coffee. We gathered around the table and sat in our normal spots. Niall and Liam got up and served breakfast on the table.

            “So what are we doing today gang?” asked Niall, taking a huge amount of bacon and eggs.

            “I was thinking the beach,” said Louie.

            “That sounds amazing,” said Harry.

            We never have anything to do for the rest of our lives. See our parents are business partners, that’s how we all met each other and we’re also pretty much neighbors, and they created a multimillion dollar franchise. Our parents wanted to move to different countries but we wanted to stay in our childhood homes so our parents left and but they give us all the money we want and need for anything. So now we just do whatever we want.

            We quickly finished off our breakfast and all packed into Louie’s van. Louie stopped at all of our houses except Harry, who just pick his stuff up from my house, because he had previously left his swim trunks and other things at my house.

            I wore my favorite bikini. It was yellow and had large red polka dots on it like the song. I wore a long, lose, red tank top over it with a pair of white shorts.

            We all packed into the car and started toward the beach which was only a half an hour away.

            When we arrived at the beach we all grabbed the stuff out of the car and ran as fast as we could towards the sand. We set up closer to the waves. The girls and I set up towels we could tan on and the guys set up a volley ball net.

            “Hey, does anyone want to come with me to the bathroom,” I said, after drinking three waters on the way up to the beach.

            “I’ll come with you,” said Zayn. I sort of more directed it to the girls but there was no retracting that statement now.

            “Uh, okay,” I said heading towards the bathroom building. Zayn quickly followed behind.

            “I wanted to talk to you,” he said, as we approached the building.

            “What about?”

            “Well,” he said, pulling me behind the building out of everyone’s sight. “That kiss that we had last night,” he started, pressing me up against the wall.

            “Zayn, I told you,” I said.

            “Yeah but that was the most amazing kiss. You can’t tell me you didn’t feel anything.”

            “Zayn,” he stopped the rest of my words with a kiss. I was in shock. I didn’t know how I felt about Zayn and I really didn’t know how I felt about Harry.

              “Zayn I hate you. God Dam it,” I said, leaving his barrier and walking around the building into the bathroom. I peed and then washed my hands. I walked out of the building.

            “Please tell me what you are thinking,” he said, following me back to the site we were at.

            I turned to him and said: “Look I will tell you how I feel later but right now we’re going to forget this ever happened and were not going to mention this to anyone okay?”

            “Sure,” he said, in a horny tone of voice which made me let out a shriek. He knew since that kiss that I had a little crush on him but I wasn’t about to mess things up with Harry.

            When we reached the spot the volleyball game was already in full swing even the girls were playing.

            “Wanna do girls against boys?” asked Mattie.

            “Five against three?” asked Niall.

            “Plus were way stronger,” said Liam.

            “First of all it’s about skill and second of all are you scared,” replied Grace.

            “Fine let’s do it,” said Liam.

            We got the ball first. I served. Niall struggled to get it but got it back over the net. Mattie hit it back Zayn hit it back but it wasn’t enough to get it back over the net. The next several serves went like that one. It would always get to Zayn and he would hit it just too lightly. In the end the girls won eighteen to nothing.

            “Time to tan,” said Grace.

            “Oh no, it is not time to tan,” said Liam, with a devilish smile.

            “It’s time for revenge,” said Harry, with that same smile.

            Harry ran at me, Liam at Grace, and Niall at Mattie. They picked us up and ran us into the water. They threw us into the water. I was laughing hysterically and so was everyone else. I stood back up and my shirt clung to my body.

            A wave knocked me over and it was funny until I couldn’t breathe. I tried to come back out of the water but the waves just kept eating me. I tried to gasp for air but all I got was salt water. I felt something reach up and grab me. I could suddenly feel no more water but the dry summer air.

            I was placed on one of the towels.

            “Anna can you hear me?” asked a voice. I couldn’t tell who it was. I wanted to respond but I couldn’t even catch my air. I felt someone’s lips touch mine. They were Zayn’s. He breathed into me and I could start to feel my lungs fill with air. I sat up and coughed all the water in my lungs onto the sand next to me.

            Harry knelt right in front of me.

            “Oh my god! Are you okay?” asked Harry, as he grabbed me and squeezed me to death. He kissed my whole face twice.

            “Thanks Zayn,” I said stubbornly when Harry was done making the rounds with his lips on my face.

            If I wanted to hate him for anything he’s done in the past I couldn’t I mean the guy just saved my life.

            Harry came back over to me and picked me up and spun me around.

            “I love you so much,” he said.

            “Love you too,” I said, looking at Zayn who was also looking at me.

            “Uh, I have to go to the bathroom again why don’t you just join the guys in the water and I’ll meet you there,” I said, still staring at Zayn.

            “Sure, I’ll see you down there,” he said, kissing me on my cheek and then started running to the water.

            I started toward the bathroom then I motioned for Zayn to come with me. Zayn ran to catch up with me. I didn’t say anything until we reached behind the building.

            “This is becoming our meeting spot huh?” asked Zayn with a smile.

            “Thank you,” I said, hugging him. His shirtless tan skin was warm and wet from the ocean. He still smelt of the spray he puts on his body in the morning.

            “It’s okay,” he said, pulling out of the hug and grabbing my face. “It’s not like I was just going to let you die.”

            “I know but you still saved my life.”

            I hugged him again. When we recovered from the hug I kissed him.

            “Hello?” I heard Harry’s voice ask on the other side by the girl’s room.

            “Quick, go in the boy’s room and I’ll pretend I’m waiting for you,” I whispered. He ran in as quickly as he could.

            “There you are,” he said, coming around the building. “Why are you on this side?”

            “I’m waiting for Zayn,” I said, in a smooth lying tone.

            “Oh; hurry up Zayn we’re gonna leave soon,” he shouted.

            “Why are we leaving? We just got here,” I said.

            “Mattie kind of spotted what looked to be a shark. She freaked and then Grace started freaking and then Niall was just a mess.”

            “Ready?” asked Zayn exiting the bathroom. We walked back to the place where we set up and all the stuff had already been packed.

            We stuffed all the items into the van and headed off.

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