That One Summer

*This is not in anyway what I think the guys of one direction would be like nor do I know them. This is just a fan fiction. Emphasis on the fiction.


1. Chapter One


            I walk towards the party that’s down the street from my house. It’s my friend Liam’s party well it’s actually what we call the guy’s party. The guys consist of Louie, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and my boyfriend Harry. Harry and I were actually supposed to walk down the party together but I guess he forgot… again. Whatever. I just can’t wait to have yet another amazing time at one of their parties and see my two best friends, Mattie and Grace.

           Mattie and Grace who are sisters, are dating Niall and Liam. Mattie with Niall and Grace with Liam.

           Louie and Zayn don’t have girlfriends but they’re just a little more choosy when it comes to girlfriends and relationships.

            I arrived and the party was in full swing. I was greeted at the gate by Mattie, Grace, and the guys except for Harry.

            “Where is Harry?” I asked. “We were supposed to walk down together and he never showed up.”

            “I don’t know I haven’t seen him since I asked him if he could help me put all the drinks into the bucket of ice,” Louie screamed over the loud music.

            “Do you want us to help you look for him,” asked Grace.

            “Nah, he’ll turn up.”

            “Why don’t we go dance?” asked Mattie, guiding us to the dance floor. We all made sort of a big circle and started to dance as badly as we could. None of the guys were good dancers. The girls were okay but the guys were horrible.

            All of a sudden Niall had a shocked face and hit Liam in the side with his elbow.

            “Ow, what are you doing that for?” asked Liam. Niall pointed. All of us followed Niall’s finger to a sight that I was so unprepared to see. Harry was wrapped around some girl in a short tight dress. I didn’t understand Harry was not a cheater.

            My smile quickly faded with my composer. I gave Grace my purse and stomped over to Harry and the skank.

            “Hey, Harry how are you doing? Good? It looks like you’re doing well, you ass hole. Oh, and how about you? How are you doing draped around someone else's boyfriend you hore?” I said in the happiest tone I could bring myself to say.

            “Anna, I, I,” Harry said in a panic.

            “He must have been real board of you because usually it takes me a little begging before I get this far and all I had to do was walk by him,” said the bitch.

            I didn’t say anything back. In fact I started to walk away but quickly ran back pushed Harry down and punched her in the jaw. She slapped me back and punched me in the eye. I ripped at her hair and kicked her down. All the breath had been taken out of her skinny little body.          

            Zayn came over and picked me up and Liam took her off the premises. I kicked and fought to get down but Zayn’s grip was too strong. When Liam told Zayn everything was clear he let me down.

            “Please forgive me,” said Harry, finally getting off the ground.

            “Oh, don’t think just because you’re apologizing and trying to be nice that I’m not going to punch you too,” I said going at him. Louie held me back and Zayn picked me up again. Again I fought and again he was too strong. I stopped fighting.

And Zayn said: “Can I let you down now? Will you be a good girl?”

            “Shut up and let me down,” I said, as he lowered me down to the ground. I walked straight out of the party and headed back to my house.

            My face was stinging from the punch. I couldn’t wait to get home.

            “Anna, wait!” I heard Harry yell from behind me. This just made me walk faster. I heard him running and catching up to me.

            I turned around and said: “Look I don’t want you to touch me, go near me, or even talk to me from a distance. I want you to leave me alone. I don’t care what your excuse is!” I turned back around and in a split instant I was brought to the ground after smacking into a tree.

            “Anna!” yelled Harry, running over to me.

            “Don’t touch me! I’m fine,” I said trying to get to my feet. I fell again.

            “I’m just going to pick you up and carry you back to Liam’s house. Okay?”

            “Whatever,” I said, in a harsh tone.

            He picked me up with no struggle at all.

            “You know I didn’t -”

            “Don’t bother,” I cut him off.

            He walked two blocks back to Liam’s house in no time. When we got the front yard the music wasn’t playing anymore. I guess Liam sent everyone home.

            After climbing the stoop Harry kicked open the door. When we got into the living room the guys, Mattie, and Grace were all sitting on the couches.

            “Oh my god what happen? Your head is all black and blue,” said Grace, jumping from Liam’s arms.

            “I was trying to tell him to leave me alone and when I turned back around I ran into a tree,” I said.

            “Here bring her to my room,” said Liam.

            “No, it’s fine. I can walk,” I said, getting down from Harry’s arms. I tried to stable myself but I just fell to the ground. Everyone gasped and Grace and Harry ran to my side again.

            “Why don’t you just bring me back to my house?” I asked.

            “Because you can’t be alone,” said Harry. “And you don’t want me to take care of you so the next closest house is Liam’s.”

            “Well, I live right next door and I have extra mattresses and two guest rooms. You can all sleep over,” said Louis.

            “Sounds good to me,” said Harry. We all nodded in agreement.

            This time I had Louie carry me and we all walked over to Louie’s house.

            As soon as we got inside Louie brought me upstairs and Mattie, Grace, and Harry followed. The other guys went to get the bedding. They all decided to sleep around my bed in the guest room.

            When Louie put me down Harry motioned for Louie, Grace, and Mattie to leave the room. Louie closed the door behind him.

            “I swear to god if you try anything I will scream rape and if that doesn’t work I will scream fire,” I said before he could even open his mouth.

            “I’m not going to try anything,” he said, smiling at my statement. Little did he know I was telling the truth. “I just wanted to tell you what actually happened. I still was very, very wrong but then again it showed me how much I love you and that I never want to stray from you again,” he said, with his famous Harry smile. “So, I had just finished putting the drinks in the bucket of ice with Louie and I was just about to walk back to your house. And she passed by. I was just going to pass her by but she threw herself at me and I know she said that I picked her up but she, I swear on my life, threw herself at me.”        

            “So, she just kept throwing herself at you for the whole half hour and that’s why you couldn’t get to me.”

            “Well, no this is the part I think you’re gonna like.”

            “Oh, please go on with this wonderful tale of how our three year relationship came to a very fast end!” I said, with sarcasm and a hint of seriousness.

            “Well, when she kissed me the whole world around us disappeared. I just forgot everything that was happening.”

            “Get out.” I said, pointing to the door.

            “But this is where it gets good for you!”

            “No seriously, get out!”

            “I’m just going to tell you anyway. When I kissed her the only thing I could think about was you and, and how I couldn’t wait to get back home. The only thing was it just took me a little while to realize that, but I am just a boy,”

            “The door is right there; so feel free to use it,” I said, with my final decision. He walked over to the right side of the bed, leaned over to me, and kissed me.

            “Feel’s like home,” he said. There was a long pause of just looking into each other’s eyes not knowing what was going to come next. “Please give me one more chance. This was the only time I did something this bad and I swear it’s the last time too.”

            I looked away from him not knowing whether to give him another chance or just let him go. A knock at the door interpreted my decision making.

            “Come in,” I said, in a raised voice.

            “I brought you some ice for your where ever you feel you need ice,” said Zayn, entering.

            “And we brought mattresses,” said Louie entering with the rest of the guys and most of the sleeping equipment.

            “We’ll be right back we’re just going to get the rest of the stuff and the girls,” said Louie. Liam and Niall followed.

            “Hey, Zayn come here,” I said, pulling him down to eye level. “Please don’t take anything by this and don’t read into this I am trying to make a point,” I whispered to him quickly then pulled him in and kissed him right in front of Harry’s eyes. “Thank you very much,” I said, giving him the look to go away. He left in a shocked and confused state.

            “How did that feel?” I asked,

            “Like someone just stabbed me with a knife, twisted several times, shot me with a gun full of needles, and gave me a poison to a slow and painful death.”

            “Good so you will never kiss another girl again if we continue to go out. Right? And if you do that I will make you rue it. Got it?”

            “Yes ma’am,” he said crawling into bed with me. It was hard not to cave with those looks and that smile.

            “Oh thank god,” said Louie.

            “You guys are okay now?” asked Liam.

            “I guess so,” I said.

            The guy set up the rest of the bedding and everyone laid down. Grace slept with Liam, Mattie with Niall, Harry with me, and the other two on their own mattresses. By the time we all settled down it was one o’clock in the morning.

            Harry wrapped his arms around me and whispered:

            “I’m really sorry.”

            I didn’t respond. He kissed my cheek and said:


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