Forever and Always

Join Hannah on her journey of love with One Direction.


3. Normal POV

Part 3: 
I pulled up to the radio station where I work and was immediately surround by tons of teenage girls. I suddenly remembered what today was. Today was the day I interviewed one direction on my radio show. This was not what I needed right now. I opened my car door and all the hormone crazed girls went "aww" and backed away. It was only a couple of years ago that I was like that. Now I'm 21 and majoring in music at my local college in Houston TX.  I opened the front door to the studio and immediately walked to my booth. "it's 10 in the morning and this is Hannah's daily show. Hello to all my listeners and why don't we start the morning with a little song that kinda fits with our theme today." I hit play on one direction's One Thing and let my head fall on my arms. I sat there waiting for the song to end, thinking about Ryan, and realized I was still wearing the engagement ring. I quickly yanked it off, furious with myself for forgetting about it, and looked up for somewhere I could leave it forever and just forget about it, only to be met by the bluest eyes I had ever seen. 
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