My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


11. We need to talk.

I spend the half of the tour, cooped up in my room, reading, ignoring Harry. Me and Niall are friends, but I'm still very disappointed. Louis brings my food in. I feel bad. Making the poor boy bring in food for a stupid stupid girl. Poor Louis. "Briella, you can't be cooped up in here. You want to be with him, tell him it was a mistake. That the kiss meant nothing," Louis suggests, rubbing my arm. "Louis, he's not going to talk to me. Not even if I try." I snap back to him. "Fine. He'll talk to you then." a very, mischievous smile replaces Louis neutral mouth. "Louis, NO!" I reach out before he runs out. Harry is then forcefully pushed into my room by the other two boys. I turn over to my side. "I don't want to talk as much as you do. But he's not gonna let me out if I don't." Harry awkwardly says. I don't reply. I just continue to eat my bread. "Harry." I say. "That Niall thing was only a mistake." I say. "It looked like you enjoyed it." he snaps back. "Why the hell would I like it? I had a perfect boyfriend, who was always there for me. How long have you not seen me for? Like 3 weeks? Harry, that broke my heart." I complain. His eyes shift from me to the floor. "Harry, just go." tell them we talked. And that's all we'll do." I command. He follows my orders and pushes through the door and runs past the boys. Why can't I just go home. "Please, just leave me be, I'm pissed." I warn the boys as they walk in. They slowly back out. I kind of regretted telling Harry to go.


I don't like giving in. Especially after a big fight, because I feel defeated, and I'm not that type of person that likes to be beaten. I finally get up and shuffle with my long pajama pants sliding across the beige carpet. "Harold Edward Styles. Get your butt in here. NOW." I shout. Louis, the boys. and Katie all smile and can tell that I've finally grown a pair, and talk to him.  "Uh, oh, ok?" Harry studders, like he's very confused.  "Harry. I love you. I never stopped. Never will. Even though that kiss was great.. I love your kisses more. Everytime I touch your goddamn lips I fall more in love with you. I feel a gentle spark. Harry. I want you only you. And I will not take a no, for an answer." I demand. "Briella.."



Authors Note!: Hi hi hi! :D. Thank you for all the nice comments. I love you all! You are my motivation, so keep motivating me to write more. What do think Harry will say? Do you think he wants to be back with her after the Niall situation? Give me some ideas! Maybe you'll see yours in the next chapter! :D Love you all ~~Elisee<3

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