My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


5. Waiting All Day (Harry's P.O.V)

When I let go of Briella, I wish I could hug her longer. Anyway, Louis is being the little match maker right now. And goes up to and says, "You know she likes you Hazza." He says. "Well obviously. You made it pretty obvious." I snap back. While Stella is making my hair look presentable, the boys and I are practicing our songs. "You boys are getting pretty close with the girls, huh?" Stella asks. "Yes. They are very, sweet." We both chuckle. "Katie was really nervous to meet you guys, especially Louis, and Liam. She has a little crush on them" She admits. I chuckle. "Well bless her heart. She's a doll." I say. When we go on stage. I get kind of nervous. I don't know why.  We start off singing 'Tell me a lie'. Followed by I want, I wish, Moments, and finish off with More than this. We answer some Twitter questions. And there's one in particular that Louis decides it was a perfect time to embarass me. "Soo! Harry." Louis lingers on the 'y'. The crowd cheers. "Any special gal, in your life?" I glared at him. "I'm going to kill you Louis." I say in the mic. "Yes. Indeed." I say. "Soo. Who's this, 'Ladyy'." Louis says. "Her name's Briella. K, so Liam?" I ask. "Yes. I have a turtle. Her name is Disco. She beautiful." We all laugh. We finish the concert and say goodbye to Iceland. What a fine crowd. We go backstage. And I whack Louis in the chest. "Ouchh!" He yelps."You deserved it." I admit. We go back to the bus. I couldnt wait to see Briella. I wanted to ask her to go for a walk. When we enter, Briella is talking to someone. She seems upset. "No, look. I don't want  you back. Your vile. You disgust me. And I don't want to sit here, talking to a gross little troll who broke my heart. Goodbye." Briella said, I suppose she's talking to that ex? "Everything okay?" I ask. "Yeah. I'm just annoyed. So, did you want something?" She asks. "Actually, would you like to go for a walk, we need to talk." I ask. "Absolutley." She says. She's so perfect.


We meet outside and start walking. "So, what's up?" She asks. "Well, I'm sure you know I like you by now.." I say. "Yeah.. Louis explained it." I see her shift her eyes from me to the floor. "So, um, do you like me? That question has been devouring me all day." I chuckle. "I do. And I don't want you to think it's because your Harry Styles from One Direction, It's because I've grown to like Harry Styles, for himself." She admits. I'm glad to see she looked past my fame, and like me for me. "Well good." I say. We are now walking aimlessly and we finally just sit and talk. At a point, we just stop and stare into eachtothers eyes. Her green eyes killed me. I smile. She smiles. I finally lean in and kiss her forehead. "Harry." She says. "Ye-" I'm interuppted when her lips meet mine. She pulls back, and I smile. "I've been waiting for that all day, love." I admit. She looks down, smiling. "We should go back." She says. We walk back to the bus, with our hands intertwined. 

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