My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


17. The boys are back..

"They're coming in a little bit! Get ready you lazy cracker!" I scream at Kaitlyn. (Katie) It was my 19th birthday today. Soon, I was going to see my 5 best friends. I couldn't wait. Ronnie and Wyatt we're excited. Wyatt is a real man because he respects One Direction. Good for him. I put on a yellow and white striped tank top and put a gray little jacket thingy. I also wore gray pants, and black flip-flops. My twitter was blowing up with birthday congratulations, it was chaotic. I left my hair down and walked downstairs. "Hey sexy girll!!" Wyatt shouts. He was like Louis, they would get along really well. "Hey pretty boy!!" I shouted back. "Where's the Katester?" He asks. "Being a lazy fart." I complain. "Watch when Louis and the boys come, she'll be jetting down here." He laughs. He was so funny. He was like my substitute Lou. But nothing could replace either of them. "Gianna is so freaking stalkery. She's like stalking Harry on twitter. She's sending him tweets, and just being a fat slut muffin." Ronnie laughs. "Your definatly obsessing more than me." I laugh.


"I'm awake! And ready to see my Carrot!" Katie announces as she dances down the stairs. "Took ya long enough," Wyatt says. "Watch it." She glares. "Shut up your both fags." I laugh.  "I thought you loved me?" Wyatt complains, and pretends to cry. "Well of course I do.. At times.." I hesitate. "Where is  me mum?" I cry. "Check the tracker." Katie says. "Meh." I unlock my iPhone, check the tracker. "She's like a couple miles away. Wake me up when she's here." 

"She's still as lazy.." Wyatt mumbles.


"sorry. love you." he smiles, then kisses my cheek.

"Save your kisses for Lia." I smile.

"Your my best friend. Lia is fine with it." He laughs.

"Kay bye, I'm sleeping. Can't hear you." I pretend.

I eventually doze off. What feels like seconds, I'm awaken by five familiar faces, Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Niall. Usually when I wake up, I'm all slow and like what ever.. But.. I run up to them, no hesitation, and pull my mum into a hug, then I run over to Harry, hug him so tight. And then kiss those amazing lips I've been deprived of for a year. "What about us?" Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam all ask. I crash into Louis, then I softly hug Zayn, which turns into a tight hug, and do that to the rest of them. I bring Ronnie over, who's like.. oh my lord.. I've just soiled myself.  "Hi.." She walks into Liam and hugs him. She was really nervous. It was kind of funny. 

"So, what's the cheese with this girl?" Louis asks. "Ugh. She's just, a fat slobbity, jealous monkey turd that's trying to slither her way in and break me and Harold up." I explain.

"Nice details Bri." Liam laughs.

"Thanks bub." I smile.

"That will never happen. Your my only." Harry kisses my forehead.

"Please stop. I'm gonna cry." Wyatt says.

"She has her ways Harry.. The thing she did to me a couple days ago was, just, I NEED TO MURDER HER KAITLYN.." I shout. "GIVE ME YOUR PHONE." I stand up, and act like I was just recently possessed.

"No. Now sit your bum down, and shut up. Cause your not getting my phone." She declines.

"Well, what did she do?" Zayn asks.

"Well, I was walking to the park to meet up with Wyatt and Ronnie, and she was with her 'followers' and she screamed, 'LOOK IT'S THE STYLES SLUT.' It was all my sanity not to walk over there, and shove her face into a-" 

"NO VIOLENCE!" Liam shouts.

"sorry, well, I kinda, flipped her the bird, and, I ignored her, she was like, 'OH IM GONNA MARRY HARRY, and blah blah blah, then she threw a rock at me, and was like, 'KEEP WALKING BITCH."

Everyones like, wow. "Wait, she what? YOU DIDN'T TELL ME THAT BRI." Katie stands up from Louis's arm. "Yeah, wait, I'm not done.. Liam, Louis, your not gonna like this, but after she threw the rock at me, I screamed, 'Look, bitch, I will walk over there, shove a stick down your throat, stomp on your neck till your head pops off. Now, goodbye and I hope you die." I look at everyone.. they're just surprised. "Your right. I disliked that." Louis says. "Me too.." Liam says. "I LOVE YOU." Zayn shouts. I laughed. "Well, she sounds like a problem.." Harry says. "Yeah.." I say. "YOU DON'T KNOW HOW MUCH I WANT TO TELL HER OFF RIGHT NOW BRIELLA. OOOOOOOHHH." Katie shouts. "I will throw my shoe at you if you don't relax." I say. Wyatt and Ronnie are just staring at me proudly. "What..?" I ask them. "I'm proud. So proud. Then again, I'm a little scared.. what happened to the non-violent girl I met in 8th grade?" Wyatt asks, then laughs. "Uhmm, ask Katie." I smile. The boys are enjoying this except Liam and Lou. They're disgust is making me excited. "I'm sorry I was a violent influence on you." Katie sarcastically says. "I want foood!" I shout. "MUM!" I shout, then running over to her. "Can I have money." I ask. "What for?" 


"And where are you getting this food?"

"Uhmm, Mario's Market, durr."

"And, that's like, how many miles, your not walking there, are you?"

"I will if I have too. Unless.."


"Yes. How did you know?"

"Your my daughter. Your practically me. Let's go." She says grabbing her keys.

"Woah woah woah, I wanted to go solo?"

"I'm giving you food. Shut your mouth and let's go. I want to catch up with my daughter."

I follow her out into the room. My back slouched.  


"Okay Louis.. calm down bud.." i say.

"CHICKEN. BURRITOS," Niall shouts.

"You people are going to burst my eardrums one day.." I say. We leave with everyone's order, and climb into the car.



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