My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


15. Saying goodbye..

We all sat there, looking at eachother.. Weakly. We were all going back home. Not seeing eachother for a year.. We sat there, crying. "I don't want this end.." Katie cried.. "We might see you.. But apparently your going to Germany.." Niall said.. "Dad.." I told Katie, as she turned to me with glassy brown eyes.. "Right, b-but we have another month?!" Katie sits up, seeming happy. "Katie were moving to Germany for the rest of the summer, the boys would be busy.." I remind her looking down.. I don't understand why I picked out the bad parts instead of looking on the bright side.. "We won't be busy, especially if we have a month to see you.." Harry chirps pulling me closer. It was only August.. We started school in early October.. Two more months.. I guess things could work out. "It's even harder when we're just saying bye here!" Louis laugh cries. We're all sitting in a circle, crying. This was harder than I thought. "Uggghhhhhh." I moan. Falling into the back of the bed. We were all sitting on the floor. "What?" Zayn asks. "I hated all of you at first and I couldn't wait to leave, now I love you all and don't want to.." I sigh. They all chuckled at me. "Well, let's not waste time! Let's do something!" Katie jumps up. "What is there to do? We're stuck in this hotel room.." I remind her, stand up slowly. "Play truth or dare, watch a movie, spin the bottle.. What ever!!! C'mon I'm like super bored!" she pleads. "Truth or dare, no?" Harry asks. "Giid! Truth or dare it is!" Liam shouts. "Ughh." I moan. I shrug over to the living room floor and sit down next to Hazza. "Louis go first." Niall suggests. "BRI! Truth or dare?" he shouts making me jump.. "Dare.." I daringly say, "I dare youuuu, hmmm, to drink toilet water.. "Eww!? Truth!!!" I yell, and soon after regret it. "Do that dare then," he winks at me. "Go do it I'll still love you," Harry winks. Everyone sitting forward in anticipation, "Fine ya little hoes," I laugh, as Louis evilly laughs. I stand walking towards the bathroom as everyone follows, "EW THERES PEE IN THE TOILET!!" I cry, flusing the toilet. I kneel, everyone surrounding me, nudging eachother. "You have to stick your head in the bowl.. "Uckk," I groan. I open the seat, having Harry hold my hair, and slurp the water. "Blckkkk!!" I spit. Louis falls ontop of Niall laughing. And the others crack up too.. Buttholes.

I cry onto Harry's shoulder, hugging him so tight. "I dont want to leave," I cry into his ear. "Baby I know, I do too.." say says, kissing me much more passionately than ever before. "I love you Harry." I say. He takes my hands, looks deep into my eyes, and says, "Briella Rose Miller, these last three months have been the best of my life. Especially that night were we took it to the next level, (authors note: they did it..) and that was the best feeling ever because I was doing it with the love of my life. Briella. Promise me you will marry me. I want to see your beautiful face everyday when I wake up and go to bed. Briella I want to have kids with you! I love you! I love you.." he pours his heart out to me. I jump onto him, kissing him for the longest time. "Yes, Harry. Of course. I've already promised myself to you." I look him in the eyes crying. I gave him my v card. I wanted him to have it.. Infact I knew I was ready that night.. Now I'm promising him my entire life. I want to be Briella Styles. And i will be.. "Harry, I know we won't be seein eachother for years maybe, but i will love you everyday. I swear. Cross my heart. I swear on my brothers grave.." I look him into his green orbs. "Good." he leans in to kiss me one last time. I smile at him, he leaves to his taxi and I leave to mine. We both go in the same direction and part not to long. I cry onto Katie as we're crying into eachother. We were both in deep deep love.. And it hurt.

Many months later me and Katie move back to England and are settled and ready to start the new year. People everywhere recgonized me and Katie everywhere we went. That was part of being in love with an international superstar.. What a summer.. Can't wait to tell my friends. Me and Katie always called the boys, told them how much we missed them, and how much we couldn't wait to see then again. My mom had to leave to go with the boys so me and Katie lived with our aunt Lydia in Cheshire. I always slurped Harry, Louis and Zayn, and the other boys. It was so weird not being around them.. But I would see them soon. Very soon. And what surprised me even more was that I was metaphorically engaged to Harry Styles. But he actually knew it. ;)

Don't worry this isn't the end!! Just a break!! You will see a lot more from this story! I promise!! Until then, I have a substitution story called Moments! Go check it out!! And I will still add chapters while the girls are in collage.. Soo yup! :) thanks for the support and inlovecthe fans of the story!! :)) go check out Mandix3, she's a good author, and my best friend, she based like two stories with me in it. -.-" o(≧▽≦)o Bye loves! ~~~Elisee
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