My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


16. One Year Later...

"Katie! Let go of it!!" I shout at her. She took my favorite teddy bear from me. "Fine, then give me my phone back." she blackmails me. "I want to see what you've been texting Gianna." I yell. "BRIELLA. If you read it your going to want to kill her more. She obviously isn't going to do that to him, and Harry wouldn't allow it either! Stop stressing! I'm getting her to stop! Just leave it be." she shouts pissed at me. I intensely stare at her. She knows that Gianna is a threat to mine and Harry's relationship. She apparently knew him before he was big, and she's determined to get him back even if it means breaking a relationship. She just wants him for his money.. I want him for him. "Fine. She says anything, tell me. Please." I plead, throwing her phone back. The boys were coming to visit for my 19th birthday. I was so excited.. I had to finish my homework.. Reading was left. I have really bad dislexia, and I hated reading.. Especially infront of a crowd. I sounded like I was having a seizure.

"Gianna knows Harry's mom.. Uh Briella, ur in danger.." my best friend Veronica texted.

"Ronnie, I'm not letting her take Harry. Calm down. Ur freaking out more than I am." I send back.

"ok... Well, I've gotta go, mum wants me to toss the rubbish."

I ignore it, she knows it's okay though. I'm on the second to last question, and still having trouble.. "Intenf- no, intinse- Ughh! How do people do this!" I slam my pencil down. I just scribble down a random answer, and finish up. It was almost September 23!!! I couldn't wait! I couldnt help but smile, smile, smile. "Briella! Your mummy wants you to call her!!!" Auntie Lydia shouted upstairs. "Okay!" I shout back. Ring ring... "Briella!!" my mum sings. "Mum! I miss you! How are you?" I ask her. "Good! The boys are great too if your wondering." she chuckles. "I knew they would be." I cockily say. "My baby is turning 19!? Oh man.. How's collage?" she concernly asks. "Grades great.. Reading terrible.. Social life terrible." i mumble. "Well, stay strong! And I heard about Gianna.." she slowly says, concerned that she doesn't pop a bubble. "Yeah, I really want to smash her face into a brick wall and then light her in fire.." I evilly say. "Briella! No need for violence!!" I could've sworn I heard Louis in the background saying, 'Briella?!' "
"Was that Louis?" I excitedly ask. "yeah! He said, No violence!" I laugh.

After a couple of minutes of talking, I finally get ready to see my friends, Veronica and Wyatt. I put on a black sweatshirt, because it was a bit chilly. A dark pair of skinny jeans, and chestnut Uggs. I put my dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, and walk out the door. As I pass the park texting Harry, I see Gianna. "It's the Styles Slut!" she shouts. I flip her the bird, and ignore her. "Keep walking bitch! He's gonna marry me! Haha!" she mocks, and throws a rock at me. "Look, bitch. I will walk over there, shove a fucking stick down your throat, stomp on your neck until your head falls off. FUCK, OFF." I walk away slightly faster. When I said that, she looked at me like she just saw a ghost. Since I'm dating Harry, paparazzi are following me, new pictures for the Internet.. Casual fans.. Ya know. Took me about 12 minutes to get there. "Hayy!" Ronnie wave me over. "Hi!" I get pulled into a hug. "I saw Gianna, THE BITCH THREW A ROCK AT ME LIKE A ANIMAL. It took all my sanity not to kill her." I practically scream. "Calm down! Jesus!" Wyatt consoles me. "So when are the boys coming?" Ronnie excitedly asks. "Uhm.. Next week." I hesitate. She was a huge directioner. Liam's face was on her four walls. "Ooh me god! Can't wait!" she squeals. Honestly I think that Liam would love her. They had everything in common. "Can't wait either! They seem like good lads." he smiles. "They are.. But beware of their stupidity.." I chuckle. Suddenly, I get a tweet notification, more hate. It said: "Your a stupid girl! Your probably cheating in Harry at this moment you slut! He belongs with me!" I tweet back: "I'll put a good word in for you." I sigh abd look back at my friends. Hi! I know that tweet was something Eleanor tweeted! I thought it was genius so, there it is! Haha! Soo I hope you liked this chapter, and stay around, it gets better!! xxxxx
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