My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


7. New Jersey

"YEAH BUDDY" Niall yells. "Hey. Hey, Hey! WHAT TIME IS IT" Zayn asks. "T-Shirt TIIIMEE!!!" Louis, Liam, and Harry yells. "I'm trying to read!" I yell. "Reading's silly." Louis says. "I will slap you." I say. "Sorry.." He says finally regreting it. "What are you reading that's so amazing anyway." Harry says. "The freaking Hunger Games?" I say. "Ohh.. I guess it's okay.." He says. "It's okay? IT'S AMAZING UGH!!" I rant. I continue reading. The boys finally leave me alone, but Harry stays and goes on his phone. And when he's not on it, he's looking at me. "It's kind of hard to concentrate with you staring at me.." I say. "Well, I'm sorry, your just so cute." He flirts. "Shut up. Your such a flirt" I say, rolling my eyes. "So, that, kiss.. We should do it again." He winks. "Harry, that was a one time thing," I say. I really wanted to do it again.. But I think it would be, awkward.. "Oh.." He says. "Your such a baby." I say, getting up, and kissing him on the cheek. And then, OF COURSE. Louis walks in. "Ahaha!! It's a Barry moment." Louis says. "Why is that so cliche.. when you smooching someone on the cheek and someone comes in.. WHY?" I say. "It's like somethings telling me somethings going on.. So, I can't help it love." Louis says. "Mhmm." Harry says. We both exchange smiles and go back to what we were doing.



"Guys, Guys! SEASIDE! COME ON PLEASE!!" An excited Niall comes running in. "What.. I couldn't hear a word your saying." Harry says with his sexy husky voice. "Paul and Stella said we can go to Seaside! Can we! PLEASE!" Niall says, begging like a little kid. "Sure, but I'm not going in." I say getting up. "Your such a party pooper." Harry says, putting his arm around my shoulder. "I have my reasons." I say, pushing his arm off, and walking to my 'room'. I open my suitcase, and put on a purple bikini top with a pair of black Nike shorts, and green sandals. I put on a tiedye shirt and put my hair in an effortless updo and put on a black plastic headband. I walk out. "Where's Katie?" I ask. "Somewhere." Zayn says. "mmk." I walk around, and I find her chatting with Liam in they guy's room. "Oops, sorry." I wink, closing the door. "Wait, did you want something?" Liam asks. "Yeah, I wanted to know if you guys were going to Seaside..?" I ask. "SEASIDE! OH MY GAWD! I'M GOING" Katie perks up. Me and Katie loved to go there as kids. We went with my friend Gisell all the time. I hope she's still in Jersey, I'd love to get in contact with her. "Who said we're going to Seaside?" Liam asks, being his Daddy Directioner self. "Paul and Stella, but Paul said we have to get ourselves out of 'trouble'." I explain. "Yeah. I'd love to go." Liam says, placing his hand on Katie's. I smile and leave. "Who's ready?" Niall jumps up. "Me.." Louis says. Then Harry, Zayn. And Liam and Katie join, and we're off.




The beach was epic. We went on a couple rides, the Haunted House, I sat with Harry, and I was snuggling my face into his chest everytime a cheap thing popped out. "Your very scared, aren't you?" Harry asks. "Ye- AH!" I yell. He laughs and kisses my head. When we got out, Katie runs over a Water Gun game. And If you win, you get a stuffed animal. Harry played for me, but never won. We laughed and moved on. Louis won a brown bear for Harry, and a pink one for Niall. Ahh Louis. He's adorable. We decide it's time to take a break, and sit on the beach. The suns about setting, and me and Katie want to go swimming. "Can we please!" Katie moaned. "Fine!" Zayn moaned. He raced me, Harry, and Katie into the water. I won, and I ended up drinking a gulp of sea water from laughing. "Eww.. That was sick." I said, Harry patted my back laughing. "It's not funny Harry!" I say, smacking his chest. "Hey, I wanted to go for a walk?" He asked. Ugh. He was going to make his move on me.. Fun. "Sure." I say. "We'll be right back." Harry says. "They're going at it guys!" Louis says. I chuckle and walk with Harry, but I see Niall with a bit of jealousy swept across his face. Uh oh.. "So, what about us?" Harry asks. "I don't know.." I say. "I really want to be with you, Briella.. I think your beautiful, and honestly, I've said this to a lot of girls, but I mean it, I think your perfect for me, it's pretty much everything, just about you." Harry spills his heart out to me. I can't believe anyone has ever had feelings for me like that. "Harry.. No one has, ever said that to me. Ever" I say. "Well they must've not felt the way I do." Harry says. When I kissed Harry, that was my first kiss. And I wouldn't have my first kiss with someone if i never meant it. That's why I never kissed Joshua. I never felt anything from him. "Harry. I really like you. I said that before, and I mean it now." I say. Harry leans in for a kiss, that indicates that we're ready to try, us. When we kissed again.. I felt a spark.. that lit my entire heart. And I knew it was love. I loved Harry. He pulls back. "Does that mean, we're, a couple?" I ask. "If you want." He says. "Then we are." I say. We walk back to the beach. And me and Harry spend the rest of the day, snuggling. I fell for Harry. Way deep, and I'm still falling.

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