My Life with One Direction

Brielle Miller was a normal girl, until she heard about her mother being One Direction's stylist, they turn her world upside down. But can she deal with five crazy teenage boys, filling her up wih feelings and romance?


6. My little talent.

It's been a day after that amazing kiss with Harry. I decided to play the guitar because I'm bored.. My dad taught me when I was young. Then my mom got divorced, and he move to Germany. I miss him like crazy. I just strum randomly, and play Twinkle twinkle little star. And Katie walks in. "So I heard.." She said smiling, rocking back and forth on her heels. "yeah.. it's true." I said continuing to play the song. "Aww, you still remember how Dad taught you." She smiled. "Who's guitar is that?" she asks. "Niall's. I got bored love." we both giggled. "Try to play What Makes You Beautiful! Please?" she begs. "Katie, I don't know the cords." I tell  her. "Just try!" she pushes me. So I do it anyway, It comes out, decent. She sings the song. And it turns out pretty good. "We should get promoted!" She says. We both laugh. And just when I put the guitar down, Louis comes in. "Hi Louis..?" I say suspisciously. He jumps right to the point. "You kissed Hazza?" He asked, almost excited. "Yeah.. Wh-" I'm interuppted. "I'm so proud of you," and he suddenly bear hugged me.. "ow.." I said in a rapsy voice. Katie pulls him off, "Your going to choke her to death." She says. "You were just playing somethiing? What?" Louis asks supsciously, "Uhm, Katie begged me to play WMYB.. Why?" I ask.. "play it again." He insists, he pulls his knees to his chest and smiles like a dork. "Are you expecting something?" I ask. "Yes" Louis answers eagrly. "I want to hear a concert of One Direction, without us actually singing.." He explains. I look to Katie. We shrugged, I started to play the tune of WMYB, and Katie sang. We finished and Louis claps and screams like a fangirl... "OH MY GOOODDD ITS BRIELLAA!! OHHH KATIIEEE I LOOOOOOOVVVVE YYOUUUU GUUUYYSS!!" He screamed so loud the other boys came in. I'm sitting on my bed rubbing my forehead about Louis' stupidness. "Your not bothering the girls are you?" Liam asks. "Noo!! They gave me a private concert!" He claps like a fangirl."Oh there's my guitar!" Niall points out. "Wait you play?" Zayn asks, only Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." I tell him.. "And what makes you beautiful." Katie butts in. "Only because you forced me to play a shitty version of it." I nag at her. We start to bicker and Harry breaks it up. "Can you play something for us?" Harry asks. "yeah.. i guess." I say blushing looking at Katie. She sings, I strum. It's kinda nice. Having really famous people listening to their own song in a shitty version. We come to an end and the boys fangirl like Louis. "OHH MYY GOOOD I LOVE YOUR HAIRR BRIELLAAA, KATIE YOUR SOO SEXYYY!! AHAHASJKDFHASKJFSDF" They pretty much scream that. I get up and leave laughing. i love that lot.

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